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Wordless Wednesday: Summer


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Kickstarter: The Books

Joy & Keith Book  and Katie & Brian Drake.

Joy & Keith Book and Katie & Brian Drake.

I am friends with a lot of local farms and ranches. I mean it can’t be helped, many of these people have known my family for generations. One of my favorite friends and neighbors are the Books. I have very fond memories of going to their pumpkin patch as a child and riding in their horse drawn wagon. Then in high school I attended the same school as the Book children and we became friends. After high school I re-connected with Katie and her husband Brian and their two adorable children.

Brian and Katie moved home to their family farm to continue the great work they have always done, farming and ranching. They contacted me to talk about our grassfed beef operation, and since then I have really enjoyed getting to know them again and watching the good they are doing. Katie taught me how to make Kombucha and we sold them a heifer bull. Brian came over and helped move bulls and gave me some riding pointers. I heart them, needless to say. They are a bright and shinny beacon of awesome local agriculture.

In addition to all this they are also wonderful educators. For as long as I can remember they literally had their barn door open to the public. They have shown thousands of locals what a working farm looks like. If you read this blog, you know how I feel about that (I LOVE it).

This looked like so much fun!!!! I was super butt hurt to miss it (especially because I love me some Mexican food).

This looked like so much fun!!!! I was super butt hurt to miss it (especially because I love me some Mexican food).

So I am totally stoked to share with my readers about their Kickstart! They need a new tractor and you can help! Please check it out, click here and you can see their awesome video! They had a really fun launch at a local Mexican restaurant (that I had to miss because I was working in the mountains with my Dad), but I Katie did send me some pictures.

If you have a few bucks to spare please consider investing in the Books. I promise you, your investment will pay dividends that our entire society will benefit from. Thanks friends!

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Wordless Wednesday: Does Using the Same Tractors Your Great Grandpa Did Make You More or Less Sustainable?


This is a Farmall C. The original color was white. The story behind this tractor is neat, the company only made a few. They GAVE them to farmers in the Sacramento Valley to try out. The farmers in the valley didn’t like the WHITE tractors. Of course, my family, being the “interesting” one it is, bought one. My great grandpa, Sam F. Brown, is actually the one who purchased and used it first. This was in the early 1940’s. It was used for mowing hay, at one time it had a belly mower.

My Dad recently had it fixed up and re-painted. We still used it to make meadow hay on the summer ranch. And the deer love to sleep next to it.


This is me! At 16. You can’t tell but I have a cast on my leg because I had ligament surgery. This is a different tractor. I’m working on getting it’s story. When I do I’ll update this,¬†obviously.

What do you think? Is using the same equipment as my great grandpa more or less sustainable than having new equipment?


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