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The Kennedy Ranch

The Kennedy Ranch. Or as we call it today, Sycamore Ranch, or The Chico Ranch. This ranch is still in our family, actually all the ranches mentioned in the article below are still in production.  A portion of it was sold off as an eminent domain in the 1980’s, but for the most part, this ranch is largely intact.  Quite frankly, this is one of the most beautiful ranches in Northern California.

It’s a couple of miles away from downtown Chico, right over the fence from Bidwell Park, and homes have been built on the portion that was taken away. But once you enter the gate, and go over the hill, you feel like civilization and all of your problems are hundreds of miles away. When I am there I imagine what it must have been like when my great grandparents bought it. I’m just starting to uncover the history behind these ranches, but I understand why my family chose to settle, live and die here.

My Mom recently gave me a box of newspaper clippings. This box was from either my Grandfather or from my Great Aunt. It contained mainly clipping about agriculture from 1954, but it did have some gems. These gems included the article posted below and some other clippings relevant to the Family. I’ll be posting them over the next several weeks because they are really cool. This article is about the purchase of the Kennedy Ranch.


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Giveaway: Table Mountain Ranch Soap

I’m having a good morning. First it started when I woke up with no fuzzy white cat ass in my face, a rare treat! For some reason, Jack decided to sleep in his own cat bed, something he rarely does. Without my hot, furry, bed stealing cat, I got enough sleep and was actually early enough to work to make a coffee and pastry run, and the coffee shop had homemade pistachio s’mores! It was like Christmas!


While I was waiting for my coffee I checked my e-mail and guess what? My day got even better!!!! I won something! A really cool book from someone cool! I’ve been enjoying westeastern.me blog for a while now, her blog is very well done and entertaining. Plus her pictures are badass. And there are horses. Go there, enjoy her story.

So Jessica inspired me to pay it forward. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a giveaway, it’s time. My Mom is sponsoring this giveaway, thanks Mom! We make old fashioned lye based soap on the Ranch, just like our great grandparents used. Its lovely soap, I’ve used it since I was a teenager and attribute the fact that I still get carded every time I attempt to buy booze or get into a bar, to that soap. Well that and lots of water and sunscreen.

The Giveaway!

Oops, sorry, I lost focus there for a moment. Back to the soap. My Mom has been making this soap for a long time. She always had a passion for soapmaking ever since she was a child. Being the youngest of 5 kids, my Mom developed a colorful vocabulary and became very well acquainted with the taste of soap at a young age. We are working on new pin up girl labels (by we, I mean me), but my limited skill with Photoshop is proving to be a hindrance (hint, crafty photo people want to come over and help?).

This giveaway is for two of bars of Table Mountain Ranch Goats milk Soap, in Lavender Breeze and Yuzu. All you have to do in comment on this blog. Next Tuesday, May 15, 2012, I will use random.org to select a winner. Good luck!



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Wordless Wednesday: Horse Power

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Wordless Wednesday: Newt Porn





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Wordless Wednesday: Burrowing Owl



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MeatMe: A Love Story


I got the most amazing opportunity this past weekend. I got to “open my barn door” and show two people from L.A. our Ranch. It was amazing. Honestly, I was nervous and a little scared about it. But it could not have gone better! Even Jacob the house Bald Eagle made an appearance!

(yeah that is me freaking out – Bald Eagles are freaking cool).

I’ve been offering tours of the Ranch for years now, Sean and Laura were the very first people to take me up on it. I’d never met them in “real life” until they drove all the way up here from Southern California! I ‘met’ Sean (Aka Meat Me) over twitter this past Fall. His passion for all things meat put mine to shame, I loved it and wanted to help in any way possible.

Now I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but Sean is doing a project called MOO to MOUTH: MEAT a True Love Story. This project will take a look at women in the beef and meat industry – basically a way better version of pasture to plate. In addition to myself, Sean took photos and videos of Jenny Dewey of Chico Locker and Sausage and Lindy & Grundy in West Hollywood. Why don’t I just let his poster speak for itself?


While they were on the Ranch, Sean took some videos. He told me I could share them with you guys as a “preview” if you will. Since I haven’t delved into video production yet, I’m totally stealing these from him to put on this blog! (Thanks Sean!)

(Play this song, it was the one I was talking about in the clip)

(I had the “flu” here. Please forgive me.)

I’d just like to thank Sean and Laura again for driving all the way up here! Putting up with my massive bottle flu, and for having an interest in what I do. This was such a positive experience for me, and literally made me practice what I preach. I hope this project both educates and inspires. This experience along with the shorty nomination and scholarship has really given my passion a boost. Watch out America!


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Wordless Wednesday: Second Skin

This is the largest complete rattlesnake skin we’ve ever seen.


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Wordless Wednesday: Moonrise


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Wordless Wednesday: Home



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Old News

This is my Dad! One of my earliest memories of my Dad is of him doing this exact same thing, but on a different Ranch. This is from the Oroville Mercury-Register, Thursday, May 7, 1987.

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