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Sad Day

Sad day. There was some complications with Ranchie. Unfortunately despite an emergency surgery and our best effort the puppies did not make it. Ranchie is home resting and is being loved and spoiled.
She got a bunch of treats from Chico Locker and Sausage, a new, pretty red collar and some new toys to help with her recovery. Thank you for all the kind words and positive thoughts. We love our Ranch Dog and we are glad to still have her with us.


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Puppies 2013

As I type this Ranchie Dog is in labor. This will be her second and last littler. Her first litter gave us Hoot and Jinx, our much beloved and hard working cowdogs. Ranchie’s Aunt Nikki is our 17 year old retired cowdog. We love this line of dogs. They are so smart and so sweet, just the perfect mix. Ranchie is one of the best dogs this ranch has ever seen. We love her very much and are super excited to have one last litter from her. Her babies are fathered by a full, long hair, working border collie. We anticipate some really amazing working pups.  I’ll be keeping you posted on how her labor goes! YAY! Ranchie puppies!20130506-194319.jpg

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Wordless Wednesday: Bliss


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Wordless Wednesday: Ranchie and Her Buck



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Putting Out Salt

It’s Fall and it has finally rained a few times. That means our cattle can come home from the high country. My Dad has already shipped a load down, so today we went out to check fences, put out a mineral salt block and move the cattle into their field for the winter.

This happy dog is going to start coming with me into the office once in a while. She has to have a job or she gets sad.

Ranchie had a health scare earlier this week. She is an old dog, around 9. She is a wonderful cow dog and loves her job, so she gets used a lot. However we realize it’s time for her to start to retire, little jobs like this is going to be her new normal. She was so happy to be back with my Dad, after her scare earlier in the week, she got sent home here in the Valley for some TLC. She loves us, but she knows who her master is.

This is what the Ranch looks like during this time of year. Last year’s old grass with new green sprouts starting to grow.

No horses this time! The ranger make this job a lot faster and easier for us.

This “bridge” has always made me nervous. I used to swear it was going to break when we would drive the hay truck over it.

Cottonwood Creek.

The cows.

We “pushed” the cows against the fence until they saw their gate into the next field called The Cottonwood Range. They know the drill.

Ranchie was ready in case any one got out of line.

My Dad putting out the mineral salt block.

Cattlepeople give salt to our cattle in block or loose form. We like the block because it is easy, and it meets out needs. Cattle should have this available to them at all times. Some salt blocks have phosphorus, magnesium or other supplements added to them to prevent conditions like grass tetany, poor growth rates or to prevent certain deficiencies.

We try to prevent diseases and conditions in our cattle, this makes both our and  their lives much better. Making sure our cattle’s basic needs are met and exceeded is just one of many tools in our “tool box” that ensures we do this. Any questions?


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