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Cold Blue Mountain: NPR, Tiny Desk and World Domination

Cold Blue Mountain by Michelle Camy

Cold Blue Mountain by Michelle Camy

Do you remember last summer when I posted the blog about my friends in the band Cold Blue Mountain? When they made a video and let me cook AND be in it?

So.much.fun. Beef, beer and bikinis!

So.much.fun. Beef, beer and bikinis!

They did it again! You see NPR is having a contest – the winner gets to play in the NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Series, so CBM took the plunge and entered! Guess what?

NPR even tweeted at Cold Blue Mountain, it was pretty exciting.

NPR even tweeted at Cold Blue Mountain, it was pretty exciting.

They were the first metal entry and actually made it on NPR’s music page! Talk about fame! I mean, I know I am super bias, but I think they should win (if they do win, I am so leaving the ranch to go with them I can watch! (they don’t know that yet, so shhhhhhh)).

The Tiny Desk video:

Even if they don’t win, they are still doing some pretty exciting stuff! They are about to embark on huge tour! They are leaving the safe and warm embrace of Chico, California to share their musical talents with most of the United States. I am so excited for them, but kinda bummed that they are going to be gone so long! I’m going to be lonely.

If you get the chance, I recommend you catch a show! Or at least go hang out with them. Despite this being pretty heavy screaming music, these are pretty much some of the nicest guys ever. Plus I worry about them and will need updates to make sure they are doing well, washing their socks, underwear and beards.

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Cold Blue Mountain: Winter 2014 Tour

One of my most favoritist people in the whole wide world is in this band (hint, coffee, piano, beard, super talented). Actually, if you really wanna get down to it, everyone in this band is kinda amazing, very nice and super talented. Guess what? They are going on tour so if you are into nice people and angry music, you should see them! I secretly want to see the Seattle show and if I wasn’t such a broke-ass, I’d book a flight and go. If you live there, you should go and tell me all about it. And  a fun fact for you? You know that show, The Amazing Race? Yeah, Brandon (the lead singer) was on it last season (Team Beard!). Anyway check them out if you can, you’ll be glad you did.


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My Ass in Skinny Jeans Made It on FOX Sports. Oh Aaron Rodgers and The Make Are in It Too

Remember a couple months ago I posted The Make’s music video? Well today FOX Sports posted this:

It’s about Aaron Rodgers and Chico. It’s pretty awesome.

Seriously these are the nicest people in the world. This is really what it is like to be around them. And Chico, California is a lovely college town with good food. If you haven’t checked The Make out, you should. For reals. I have some fun video of a live show they did on my youtube channel.

OK, OK, I know you want to see my ass. So In the video at 4:44 look to the left, I’m in green.


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Dairy Rap

I don’t know who this farmer is but this is freaking hysterical. I want to do a beef/rock version. Who wants to help?


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The Make

On a lighter note, recently I was able to be on set of a music video with a local band called The Make. You might know that Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers started a record label and The Make is their first band. Aaron is from the beautiful town of Chico, and a heck of a nice guy. Sugar Ray Bassist Murphy Karges directed the video. It features a ton of local cameos from Chico celebs including Daniel Taylor, Aaron Rodgers, Ryan Zachary, Me!, and Jimmy Richards. Feel free to check out the video below. I’m hard to spot – but I’m in there! The Make’s webpage is here -http://www.themakemusic.com/.


Aaron Rodgers, Murphy Karges and dancing cops. Most random picture ever.


Behind the scenes.


Because Aaron Rodgers  and dancing cops in a bowling alley happens everyday in my world.


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