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My McExperiment is Over

The 30 days are up. My McExperiment is over. You want to know what happened, huh?

Ok, I’ll post the pictures, but first we have to learn something.

We have this little gem (thanks to Anastasia Bodnar for giving me this link). Major props to Serious Eats for going all Mythbusters on this topic! Read this, or at least peruse it, ok? http://aht.seriouseats.com/archives/2010/11/the-burger-lab-revisiting-the-myth-of-the-12-year-old-burger-testing-results.html

Just in case you didn’t get through it, I’ll summarize the key point for you.

Yes, we know that most likely, a McDonald’s burger will not mold.

Why is that?

There are several factors that determine why some foods do not mold, including air, moisture, temperature and spores.

The McDonald burger is small with a large surface area (it dehydrates quickly, not giving mold much time to make a home), cooked over a high temperature (killing mold spores), so it is fairly dry to begin with.

After 30 days this is what a Happy Meal looks like, it was gross.

Here is FeedStuff’s take on it:


Serious Eats really did a great job of doing this experiment. They even compared home-made burgers to McDonald’s and had pretty much the same result. I simply stuck a Happy Meal on a plate, protected it from the animals on the Ranch (even after 30 days, my Dogs really wanted to eat this). After the 30 days the food wasn’t moldly, but it was gross. The bread was solid, the pickles were petrified, the fries were little weapons and the apple slices, well, I wouldn’t touch those.

Notice how thin the meat paddy is....

Again I’m not urging you to eat fast food. If anything, I would rather you to buy beef from me, and cook at home. But I’ve had enough of the less than stellar information going around the social media sites, it’s one thing if you don’t like a business, but it’s another when you fear-monger against them.


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McDonalds. The restaurant foodies love to hate. I can’t go a day without one of my friends posting something negative about them in my social media feeds. Don’t get me wrong, I am not here to sing the praises of fast food. Honestly, I don’t eat it. OK, that isn’t completely true. I do enjoy a good In-N-Out burger once in a while and when I’ve been drinking.


The only reason I don’t eat fast food is I don’t like the taste of it. As you know by now, I grew up on a Ranch, with no fast food restaurants any where near me. My Mom cooked every single meal from scratch, my whole life. She even made our dogs’ food for a long time. I never developed a taste for fast food because I never ate it. I remember going to McDonald’s once in a while as a kid, but it was generally because I wanted the Happy Meal toy or to play in the Playplace.


Today was a particularly hate on McDonald’s day in my social media life. I had one group of friends posting stuff like this  and this another group posting stuff like this  and this and my favorite, this.


No wonder people are confused and angry. I want to be confused and angry too! Instead, I’m educating myself. I’m learning more about McDonalds. I’m doing an 6th grade science experiment!


I give you McExperiment – Does McDonald’s Food Decompose?


Over the next 30 days I will evaluate this Happy Meal (burger, apple slices and fries). Let’s see if it does mold, decompose or if bugs will eat it.


I bought this fresh tonight, placed it on one of my plates, took some photos and put it in my wood room (my house is way too small to leave this in my kitchen). I’m going to take pictures and notes for the next 30 days. Let’s see what happens shall we?


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