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Throwback Thursday: Wayne McCoy April 2, 1944

This week’s Throwback Thursday is another photo from “Sammie’s Friends” envelope. I’m going through that envelope because some of the pictures do have names and dates on the back making it much easier to find people. However, this particular individual has proven to be a decidedly harder than the last to find. This week I found a photo of Wayne McCoy from April 2, 1944. I research for him on find a grave and google and didn’t find too much. 

Look at this cowboy! Isn't this a pretty photo?

Look at this cowboy! Isn’t this a pretty photo? Look at those roses behind that cowhand.

I  did find out that Mr. McCoy got married. There is a Mrs. Wayne McCoy on a List of Prospective Trial Jurors For 1959 Made Public by Clerk. I know they had at least three kids, one being Vickie (she was born very close to Sammie Jr.’s death). I know he was in a car accident, with his Dad. But that is where my trail ends cold. 

Wayne McCoy April 2, 1944

Wayne McCoy April 2, 1944

I think this an unquestionably cool picture that he or his family would probably love to have! I know someone out there remembers The McCoy’s and possibly know where they are now. So again, I ask for your help Readers. What do you know about them? Please leave me a comment and point me in a direction. Thank you!



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Remember When?

Remember the post I did about Fall Shipping? The local paper from where we summer our cattle the Indian Valley Record printed the below article in their paper this week. How awesome is it that we still do the same things my Great Grandfather did? Learning more about the history of my family is bringing me a whole new sense of appreciation for what we do.

Remember When for the week of 11/16/2011

Keri Taborski

Feather Publishing Historian

75 YEARS AGO……….1936

Move them out! S.F. Brown of Crescent Mills in Indian Valley started out for his winter range near Chico with 650 head of cattle. There were seven riders with the herd accompanied by a truck carrying provisions and bedrolls for the week on the trail.


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