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Brown Ranch: Pasture to Plate

I noticed in all my research on the Internets there is no comprehensive pasture to plate photo essay for consumers to see. Explorebeef.org paints a very pretty picture but it definitely has some holes in the process. I give you Brown Ranch – Pasture to Plate:


Birth – Usually in June/July.


They hang out with Mama and the herd until they are processed.


Calves are processed at around 1 and a half months of age.


They come home to the winter Ranch around 5 months old.


They graze all winter and are weaned in the spring at about 10 months old.


At about twenty two months old, the cattle we kept back from the commercial herd get custom exempt slaughtered here on the Ranch. The commercial cattle are sold when they  are around a year old and weigh 900 pounds. The commercial cattle will become the meat that consumers can buy from Whole Foods, Costco, Raley’s – for example. Those cattle will be processed in a facility very much like Cargill’s.


Mr. Dewey is amazing to watch.


A hot carcass.


It will be taken to his meat locker where it will dry age for 18-21 days.


After it’s aged the meat cutters will break it down into the cuts most consumers are familiar with.


This is an art, as far as I’m concerned.


Steaks, glorious steaks.


The equipment used to cut and package the meat is amazing.


Jerky in the dehydrator.


This is the cow my Parents gave me for my 30th birthday. I made it into jerky and ground beef (and a couple of special Megan steaks).


It says my name!


BBQ is my favorite steak cooking method.


Brown Ranch grass finished beef.


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Blog Update

Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog. Because of the recent drama my last Wordless Wednesday post caused I wanted to give you all an update. However it takes me forever to write, because I suck at it, so you get this for now. I’m working on a longer post that will explain how this whole thing ended. Also Jenny Dewey has very graciously agreed to be a guest blogger. I’m very excited about it. Jenny is the daughter of Dave, the processor who slaughtered (I used it! ha), our beef. She has a pretty unique perspective and access to things most of us never get to see – plus she is a pretty amazing photographer.

In the meantime Andy Vance is going to interview Skype me (hello – bucket list!) (and I’m skyping! I feel like the future!). He posted an article about the blog too – http://goo.gl/H7p9n .

I’ve calmed down a lot and learned a lot from this whole thing. So I’m glad it happened. Thank you again to everyone who support me, commented, retweeted and e-mailed me. You all rock!

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