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Wordless Wednesday: Does Using the Same Tractors Your Great Grandpa Did Make You More or Less Sustainable?


This is a Farmall C. The original color was white. The story behind this tractor is neat, the company only made a few. They GAVE them to farmers in the Sacramento Valley to try out. The farmers in the valley didn’t like the WHITE tractors. Of course, my family, being the “interesting” one it is, bought one. My great grandpa, Sam F. Brown, is actually the one who purchased and used it first. This was in the early 1940’s. It was used for mowing hay, at one time it had a belly mower.

My Dad recently had it fixed up and re-painted. We still used it to make meadow hay on the summer ranch. And the deer love to sleep next to it.


This is me! At 16. You can’t tell but I have a cast on my leg because I had ligament surgery. This is a different tractor. I’m working on getting it’s story. When I do I’ll update this,¬†obviously.

What do you think? Is using the same equipment as my great grandpa more or less sustainable than having new equipment?


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