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Giveaway: Stubb’s BBQ Products

Growing up a rancher, delicious grilled steaks and burgers were often on the menu. After all, my life pretty much revolves around breeding, raising and caring for the meat in our food supply. Grilling was common, especially in the summer. However, I was rather sheltered from the art and science of cooking with fire. It was always my Dad’s job.

But then, as fate would have it, I started dating a vegan. Well, he didn’t like it when I cooked meat in the house because it smelled good and upset him, so I was banished to the patio grill to cook my protein. As an awesome result, I got more than proficient at grilling. I started grilling all the things, a skill that turned out to be very useful at cow camp (although, maybe not, now that I think about it, I have to cook all the time now!).
I also was able to enact my catch and release program. As an ambassador to my industries, I date a vegan or vegetarian. I expose them to my way of life, to cattle and pigs. I let them experience what these animals are really like in real life. The new perspective, combined with my cooking, rehabilitates them back to their omnivorous ways. Then I release them back into the wild where they thrive. It’s been a very successful program!

Anyway, in an opposite swing of the pendulum, I dated a Southerner and learned grilling, BBQing and smoking are three very different things and it is very important to get it right! It was kinda embarrassing to learn this in my 30’s, actually. Basically, BBQing is low heat (200-300) for 4-12 hours. Smoking is super low heat (70-180) for up to a few weeks! And grilling is high heat for just a few minutes. I also learned that exceptional BBQ sauce and seasonings do makes a huge difference, however you cook your meat.

I BBQ'ed chicken with dry rub for pulled chicken sandwiches. Amazing!

I BBQ’ed chicken with dry rub for pulled chicken sandwiches. Amazing! I’ll be posting my recipe soon.

Since I experienced The South I have a whole new appreciation for good BBQ. In fact, like all things I love, I tend to get just a whisper obsessive about for a little while. So when Stubb’s BBQ Sauce contacted me about doing a giveaway on the Beef Jar, I peed my pants a little because I’m still in my obsessive phase with BBQ. This is a legitimate reason for me to fire up my grill and eat something delicious!

Stubb’s is from Austin, Texas so it’s authentic! Stubb’s Legendary Bar-B-Q is the maker of Stubb’s. Rocky Stubblefield, grandson of the original Stubb, is their current BBQ expert. He was gracious enough to share some of his tips:

  • Create over–the-top burgers by coating each patty with Stubb’s Bar-B-Q Rub, then sprinkle with a little smoked sea salt to really enhance that smoky barbecue taste. Let the patties sit for a while before cooking – you can actually see the flavor seeping into the meat! Before you throw them on the grill, make a thumbprint in the middle of the patty to get a flat, evenly cooked burger instead of a plump, rounded one that is undercooked in the middle.
  • For smoking meats on a charcoal grill, use hardwood chunks, or on a gas grill, use wood chips. Soak wood chunks in water for 1 hour, or chips for 30 minutes, then drain before using. Burn two wood chunks for each hour of smoking, and 1 cup of wood chips for an hour or less of smoking. Try a variety of wood – hickory, mesquite or applewood – to experiment with flavors.

Stubb’s is available in 85 percent of grocery stores nationwide. It’s convenient because you don’t have to fly back to The South to get it! Which, I’m not saying that is something I would do but….. good sauce and spices are worth it. Stubb’s sauces, marinades and rubs are a great way to add flavor to your meats and vegetables for all cookouts, I know because I use it! It is an excellent product.
In honor of cookout season, Stubb’s is doing a giveaway here on theBeefJar.com. It will include a Stubb’s grilling spatula, Stubb’s hat and t-shirt, and coupons for free Stubb’s products!!! 

All you need to do click on this link Rafflecopter Giveaway Link!

Good luck!



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Giveaway: “Vintage” Poster

I love a good giveaway! Especially when it means I get something!

I had a nail in one of the tires on my truck, so while waiting for the nice people over at Les Schwab to fix it for me, I accidentally did some shopping.

I found the coolest posters! I had to buy them! Since I don’t have room in my house for all three, I’m doing a giveaway!!! Two of these are going to be adorable framed in my office, one is going to be adorable somewhere in your home!

This giveaway is for one of these posters! You pick!











I will select a winner next Tuesday, July 10, 2014, using random.org. Just leave me a comment below!!

Good luck!



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Giveaway: Beef and Chop’n’Stir

As most of you know, the West is in the middle of a major drought. Until recently there was no rain. The grass was dead, the ranch was brown and withered.
Thankfully, it rained. It rained enough to get the creeks flowing and the green grass growing. In fact, it’s getting ready to rain right now!

The giveaway items! Brown Ranch hamburger and a chop and stir thing.

The giveaway items! Brown Ranch hamburger and a chop and stir thing.

We were so thrilled with the rain and the green grass, my Mom wanted to put some good karma out there and do a giveaway! We recently discovered this wonderful tool, called the chop and stir. It makes hamburger into nice, little, even crumbles. I love my hamburger like that, especially in tacos.

A pound of burger is quickly chopped into little, even crumbles. Yum.

A pound of burger is quickly chopped into little, even crumbles. Yum.

I feel like the meat cooks faster too.

I feel like the meat cooks faster too.

Unfortunately, I can only give the meat to a local person, because I am too afraid to ship. But if you aren’t local, you still get the chop and stir. All you have to do is leave me a comment below and I will use random.org to select a winner next Saturday, Feb. 22, 2014.

Good luck!


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Giveaway: Lard Soap

The real deal, homemade lard soap.

The real deal, homemade lard soap. It’s named after my cat, Jack.

It’s my birthday week, and since I had such a fabulous birthday week, I want to give back in the form of soap! This is extra special soap. Not only did my Mom make it, the old fashioned way, with lye. I raised the pigs and rendered the lard it was made with (yes, this is really, truly, old-timey soap).

After we slaughtered them I saved almost everything I could from the hogs. It was a lot of work to raise them, I wanted to use everything I could.

My fat. I was strangely proud of this hog fat. It was glorious.

My fat. I was strangely proud of this hog fat. It was glorious.

It took me days to render all my lard. I seriously cannot imagine doing this before crock-pots, the work and labor that my few pounds required was not even funny. I have a huge respect for the generations of women that HAD to do this to survive, I am so lucky.

My house smelled like rendering bacon for weeks!!!! Next time I will do this part outside.

My house smelled like rendering bacon for weeks!!!! Next time I will do this part outside.

It did make for some pretty pictures though!

It did make for some pretty pictures though!

The giveaway is for one bar of this special soap. It is by far, one of the most unique soaps I have ever had the pleasure of using. I can’t wait to share! I will use random.org to select a winner next week, September 27, 2013.  Just leave a comment below. Good luck!

I love this soap!

I love this soap!


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Giveaway: Muir Salt

Muir salt!

Muir salt!

Well of course I’m going to do a Muir Salt giveaway! It would be so mean of me to tell you all about it and not share! So this week’s giveaway is for a jar of my homemade Muir Salt. Go back and read the blog I wrote about how hard I worked for this salt (if you haven’t already)! Then leave me a comment here on this post and next Thursday March 7, I will use random.org to pick a winner!


Good luck!


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Giveaway: Mann’s Veggie Mac-and-Cheese

Remember last week when I wrote about Mann’s new product, Veggie Mac-and-cheese? Well this is the week when I tell you what I thought of the product.
First off a little about me.
I am a food elitist (but not the judgey, holier than thou, kind. More like the picky, mind my own business kind.)
In my defense, I can’t help it! I grew up in a home where all of my meals were prepared fresh by my Mom. We ate our own meat, always had lots of local fresh veggies and fruit. We rarely went out to dinner, but when we did, it was never fast food. In college, my friends would fight to come home with me for a Mom made lunch or dinner.

I loved the packaging. Maybe it's because I am in my early 30's, but I thought this kid was really cute (OMG, did I really just say that?! Quick get my cat!)

I loved the packaging. Maybe it’s because I am in my early 30’s, but I thought this kid was really cute (OMG, did I really just say that?! Quick get me my cat!)

Ok, back to the matter at hand, Mann’s Veggie Mac-and-Cheese. Like I said before, I got an awesome box of veggie mac-and-cheese sent to my office on a Friday. I scurried on home and invited my partner in eating, Daniel, over to help me taste test.
This was the bacon and cheddar and fiesta cheddar (my two favorites) and I added cooked chicken.

This was the bacon and cheddar and fiesta cheddar (my two favorites) and I added cooked chicken.

It was good. I mean really good.
Each bag (we tried all four flavors), have 55% vegetables (!), 25% cheese sauce (it was gooey, yummy cheese too), and 20% noodles. I also added chicken to my veggie mac and cheese because, well, because I like meat, a lot.
I actually wish I wouldn’t have cooked all the flavors all at once (they were so good I wanted some later in the week). Since I do work in town, write, work on the ranch, do adult 4-H and have a social life. I don’t have a lot of free time. In fact my free time is usually spent cooking because I am such a food elitist, I refuse to buy most convenience food.
Usually by the time I get home at night and finish my chores I am only capable of simply wiping the pig poo off of me and the snoticles from my nose (it’s winter!) and crashing on the couch.
This veggie mac-and-cheese is a perfect meal to come home after a very long day. It was ridiculously easy to prepare and it made me really happy because I got to use my cast iron skillet (I LOVE cooking in it). Even Daniel, who is not a cook (when I met him he “cooked” bread and tomato sauce for dinner) could make this!
Best of all, I felt healthy eating this. The vegetables were that perfect crisp cooked, the noodles were soft, yet firm, and the cheese was just right. It was a great way to get a complete serving of healthy veggies without me even noticing!
Perfectly cooked crisp veggies. SO GOOD.

Perfectly cooked crisp veggies. SO GOOD.

Is this a product that will be included in my weekly shopping cart? Yes, it is. I’m grateful to Mann’s for giving me this opportunity to try something new. And really excited to support such a great company (remember womann owned, 3 generations of a family growing AND packing veggies). AND Elena said if any Beef Jar readers would like to receive discount coupons, they can email Mann’s at info@mannpacking.com (OMG – how cool).
One dirty skillet, no prep or clean-up, its really good and I felt healthy. This product is a winner in my book.

One dirty skillet, no prep or clean-up, its really good and I felt healthy. This product is a winner in my book.

And now for the giveaway! Mann’s is giving the winner of this giveaway 7 days worth of veggie mac-and-cheese (coupons of course)! When Elena told me that I’ll admit, I got a whisper jealous! This is a great prize! All you need to do is leave me a comment and next Monday, February 18, 2013, I will use random.org to select a winner! Good luck!!! And thank you Mann’s!


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New Boots!!!!

I follow a crap ton of agriculture blogs. If it happens in the world of ag, I want to know about it! An awesome benefit to following so many blogs (in addition to knowledge) is the giveaways! I do them occasionally on this blog, but my giveaways suck compared to some out there, like this one by the Farmer’s Trophy Wife and The Boot Barn! BOOTS!!!!!

Do you know how hard it was to take this picture? It was all I could do not to open this with my teeth! I hope you all appreciate that.

I’m not going to go into details, but parts of my summer were a bit rough. Things have calmed down a lot and I’m feeling a lot better about life in general, but there were a few weeks there when I was less than thrilled. My luck and summer started getting a lot better when I won these bad boys.


I woke up to an e-mail one fine July morning with the news I won the giveaway on the Farmer’s Trophy Wife’s blog! I thought she was joking until I had my morning coffee and received an e-mail from Rachel at the Boot Barn. After that I told everyone who would listen that I was having a wonderful day because I won fancy red cowgirl boots! Our UPS Man, was put on high alert!

Sean was stoked for me. He knew!

Due to the amazingness of the Shyanne Women’s Embroidered Clover Flower Western Boot, it took a while for them to get here. But want to know what? It worked out perfectly because I got them in the mail the day before my birthday! Guess who has new boots to wear out on her birthday? This cowgirl!

Proof! I won!!! ME!

I’ve had so much fun wearing my new boots around my office today, because they are new, the bottoms have no scuffs, this has enabled me to do my best Tom Cruise in Risky Business impression (except I have clothes on). I’ve slid past my boss’s door so many times I’m sure it isn’t funny anymore, but I’m still deeply amused! Tee hee!

Have I mentioned how good they smell? New boot smell is right up there with fresh cut hay and new horse smell! Mmmmmmm

Thank you Boot Barn and the Farmer’s Trophy Wife! I’ve wanted to new pair of boots for a very long time, but I’m trying to be a responsible adult (it’s hard) and pay off my student loans before I buy nice things for myself. I feel like this is a birthday present and a responsible adult present all in one!

See?! I can slide!!!!! Weeeeeee!!!!!!!


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Giveaway: Black Truffle Finishing Salt

Salt. Such a basic ingredient. Most of the time we don’t even notice it. This will change that. This black truffle finishing salt blew my mind.

Brown Ranch Filet with a generous sprinkling of black truffle finishing salt.

Finishing salt is added to the food after cooking. It’s enhanced flavor compliments whatever food it is served on. This particular salt compliments red meat like nothing I’ve ever tasted. This little grass finished  filet was breathtaking.

Perfect meal. I was in food coma for hours after. Also if you’ve never grilled a nectarine you haven’t lived!

All you have to do in leave me a comment below and I will use random.org to select a winner Monday, August 6. Good luck!

This could be yours!


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Giveaway: Table Mountain Ranch Soap

I’m having a good morning. First it started when I woke up with no fuzzy white cat ass in my face, a rare treat! For some reason, Jack decided to sleep in his own cat bed, something he rarely does. Without my hot, furry, bed stealing cat, I got enough sleep and was actually early enough to work to make a coffee and pastry run, and the coffee shop had homemade pistachio s’mores! It was like Christmas!


While I was waiting for my coffee I checked my e-mail and guess what? My day got even better!!!! I won something! A really cool book from someone cool! I’ve been enjoying westeastern.me blog for a while now, her blog is very well done and entertaining. Plus her pictures are badass. And there are horses. Go there, enjoy her story.

So Jessica inspired me to pay it forward. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a giveaway, it’s time. My Mom is sponsoring this giveaway, thanks Mom! We make old fashioned lye based soap on the Ranch, just like our great grandparents used. Its lovely soap, I’ve used it since I was a teenager and attribute the fact that I still get carded every time I attempt to buy booze or get into a bar, to that soap. Well that and lots of water and sunscreen.

The Giveaway!

Oops, sorry, I lost focus there for a moment. Back to the soap. My Mom has been making this soap for a long time. She always had a passion for soapmaking ever since she was a child. Being the youngest of 5 kids, my Mom developed a colorful vocabulary and became very well acquainted with the taste of soap at a young age. We are working on new pin up girl labels (by we, I mean me), but my limited skill with Photoshop is proving to be a hindrance (hint, crafty photo people want to come over and help?).

This giveaway is for two of bars of Table Mountain Ranch Goats milk Soap, in Lavender Breeze and Yuzu. All you have to do in comment on this blog. Next Tuesday, May 15, 2012, I will use random.org to select a winner. Good luck!



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Giveaway: Tools of the Trade

Its giveaway time again! This time I figured I would make it more beef themed since this is a blog about a cattle ranch!

I am a strong advocate for food safety. I think little things make a huge difference, like using a thermometer to ensure your food is cooked properly and using different cutting boards for meat and vegetables. Little things like that make me feel a lot better about the safety of my food and it’s really easy to do.


This giveaway is for a handy dandy food thermometer and a cute beef half apron. You’ll be all set for all you beef cooking needs!


You know the drill, just leave a comment below and next Thursday, January 12, 2012, I will use random.org to select my winner. Good luck and thanks for playing!


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