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Hey! Hay for Sale!

It was a huge week for me. Two big things happened. The first big thing has taken years of me begging, planning and cajoling. My Parents gave me their blessing to raise pigs again. That’s right, I am going to get some weaner pigs to finish and eat! There is nothing like home grown pork, nothing! I’m in the beginning stages of my pig plan, so you’ll be reading a lot more about the process soon.

The second big thing, and this is rare, actually now that I think about this, this is the first time this has ever happened. My Dad gave ME some hay. To sell. To the public. I feel important!

MY hay! Mine, mine, mine!

I know, I know, I couldn’t believe it either. Usually my Dad has a handful of people that he will sell hay to, but these are inner circle of Brown Family friends. Most of our hay is saved for our cattle and horses in the winter.

So imagine my surprise when my Dad showed up on the winter ranch with a loaded trailer of fancy Indian Valley hay and told me if I could sell it, it was mine! It’s like Christmas!

Fancy pants, laser leveled, irrigated, non-sprayed hay field. I’m not even allowed to change the water in this field, yet. Or drive in it.

If you are not familiar with Indian Valley, California, it’s famous for two things, the Silver Buckle Rodeo and its hay. And this hay lives up to its reputation.

Indian Valley hay field. Makes me feel like a little kid again!

This hay is second cutting mammoth red clover, Dutch red clover, rye grass, orchard grass with a whisper of vetch, horse hay quality. It’s all natural, no sprays, fertilized with last year’s cow poo. Joe, Leo and Sue get a flake every night and they love it. Our horses all tend to live well into their late 20’s – I firmly believe it’s because they get super good nutrition – this hay being part of that.

Joe says “where is my hay?”

The hay is $12 a bale or $11 if you buy more than 20 bales. I only have a flatbed of this stuff, so I’m anticipating it will go fast (although it was mentioned that there MIGHT be one more load, maybe). If you are interested let me know at megrbrown@gmail.com. Thanks!


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