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Camp Fire: Keep Your Asshole in Your Pants Please

People not from this area, the Camp Fire is huge. And I know you’ve heard ‘forest management’ but I’d like to show you more aspects of our terrain here in Butte County. We have grassland too. Tell me, how do we log this? How do you log a town? ‘Forest management’ isn’t the whole story or answer. The issue is far more complex. I know opinions are like assholes, we all have one. But, gentle reminder, if you aren’t from here and aren’t familiar with our landscape, please keep your asshole in your pants. At least until the smoke is clear, and our community is no longer breathing in our memories and loved ones. I’ve already de-friended too many people lacking empathy and sympathy, don’t make the number higher.

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Wordless Wednesday: Varmints

This blog is by my Dad. He is very proud of this picture. What he didn’t wanted shared was the fact he got attacked by the Mama raccoon and both he and his dogs had to hide in the truck like nancy girls. Notice this is a live trap. The raccoons are moved away from the ranch, further up into the mountains.



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