I’ve been searching for a purpose to this blog. I mean other than offering a look inside a cattle ranch. This blog is growing and growing, which makes me happy and surprises me all at the same time. I’m glad that people think my life is interesting enough to read about. I enjoy sharing my life with the public, but I’ve had this feeling that I need to do more. My soapbox is all about transparency and education, therefore, I thought creating a scholarship for our local community college would be a great starting point for me and a really great way to support what I love. I need to raise $5,000 in order to have a yearly $250 scholarship. Once I have raised the $5,000 the scholarship will always be there.

When you use the button below to donate please make a note that you are donating to the Fletcher Brown Memorial Scholarship in the memo section. I also can accept checks made out to the Butte College Foundation. All donations are tax deductible!

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Please, please, please let me know who you are, if you donate. It’s very important to me that people get recognition for helping me with this, I’m a big believer in thank you notes!

Fletcher Brown and his horse Morris

This scholarship will be in memory of my Grandfather, Fletcher Brown. He died when I was 12, I didn’t know him well, but I think he’d be pretty excited about this. The Scholarship will be for a student that does not come from production agriculture but wants to go into the agriculture field. It will be available to all Butte-Glenn Community College students who plan on going into any ag major, from heavy equipment to floral design.

I was incredibly lucky to receive many scholarships when I was attending college. Not having my finances be a burden on me enabled me to really focus on school. Because of that I was in Alpha Zeta, Phi Theta Kappa, and able to be involved with several ag clubs on campus. These groups, clubs and organizations gave me so much opportunity to learn about agriculture. I want every student to have the same opportunities available to them. So join me in my Scholarship quest, won’t you?

16 responses to “Scholarship

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  2. This is a great idea. I worked 3 jobs (60 hours a week) to put myself through college. Having to work so much definitely limited the amount of time I had for club memberships and activities. I wish you great success in recruiting other donors to help support future generations.


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  10. Mariana

    Hi, I donated $100 to this Butte College Foundation using the memo you indicated (Fletcher Brown) on July 12. Not sure how to send you an email with the receipt in case you want them to give you credit (I did it based on your blog)
    Keep up your good work. Good post today.

    • Mariana,
      Thank you for your donation! They didn’t tell me about it yet (I’m sure they are swamped with school starting and all!). It means so much to me that people are donating! Scholarships made such a difference to me. Can you please send me your mailing address to so I can send you a thank you note?

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