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  1. Jessica Kenville

    Information about Our Survey
    You are receiving this letter if you are a farmer and or rancher who owns his/her own land. My name is Jessica Kenville and my partner is Hannah Western. We are high school freshman and are part of the Edmond FFA chapter in Oklahoma, and will be competing in the agriscience fair spring of 2016. For our project we are surveying farmers and ranchers about the future plans they have for their land. Below is a short survey which we ask you to please fill out and complete. Completed surveys will need to be returned to us by Thursday March 31st, 2016. You can send your survey back to us via email at, or mail it back at 8066 Lindsay Lane Edmond Oklahoma, 73025. Your names and addresses will not be shared during our project; we simply need your answers to collect our data. Thank you so much for your help in supporting our project with your answers. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at the email provided earlier.
    Jessica Kenville and Hannah Western
    Mailing Address: 8066 Lindsay Lane Edmond Oklahoma, 73025

    Agriscience Fair Survey

    What state are you from?

    How old are you?
    □ 18 or less
    □ 19-30
    □ 31-40
    □ 41-50
    □ 51-60
    □ 61-70
    □ 70+
    What is your acreage amount?
    □ 60 or less
    □ 61-180
    □ 181-300
    □ 301-600
    □ 601-1000
    □ 1001-3000
    □ 3001-5000
    □ 5000+
    What operations are on your land?
    □ Farming
    □ Ranching
    □ Both
    How long have you or your family worked on this land?
    □ 15 years or less
    □ 16-30 years
    □ 31-40 years
    □ 41-50 years
    □ 51-60 years
    □ 61-70 years
    □ 71-80 years
    □ 81-90 years
    □ 91-100 years
    □ 100+ years
    What are your plans for your land once you personally are done working on it?
    □ Pass it down to family
    □ Sell it
    □ Not sure at this time
    If passing it down to family:
    How many people would you want to pass it down to.(example: kids, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, ect.)
    □ 1
    □ 2
    □ 4
    □ 3
    □ 5
    □ 6
    □ Other (please specify if other)
    If selling, please mark the reason:
    □ No heirs
    □ No heirs that want to take over
    □ Financial reasons
    □ Other
    Thank you for completing this survey, please have it back to us by Thursday March 31st , 2016.

  2. Paulette gatlin

    How are you doing with the fires? Has your ranch been affected? I will keep you in my prayers. Best of luck to!


    Hi Mallory! I’d love to! My email address is Let’s firm things up there?

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