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  • Perceptions of agriculture and modern farmers and ranchers continue to stagnate in the eyes of consumers, policymakers and the media. What are some of the myths that surround agriculture, and how are farmers evolving in order to overcome and correct them?
  • Ranching and the west go hand in hand.  It’s an occupation and yet it’s also a love, a culture, a custom, and it’s how we look at things. For Megan Brown, it’s a family generation fueled by commitment and passion.
  • This week, I’m interviewing cattle rancher Meg Brown (follow her on Twitter @MegRaeB). Meg raises cows and hogs in Butte County, California (it looks like a typo for Butter County, but it’s not although it would be AWESOME to have a dairy farm in Butter County!). She holds a degree in agricultural business from CSUC.
  • A German program on CRISPR.
  • On this Oroville ranch, heritage hogs and Twitter go together
  • Oroville Cattle Rancher to Make Political Voice Heard  A story about using twitter to communicate with Congressman Doug LaMalfa
  • Megan Brown first came to my attention on Facebook. She owned a tea cup pig and liked to talk about it.  I traced her to her blog where she advocates about food as well as ‘agvocates’ about agriculture.  She’s a self-proclaimed farm girl whose family has been tilling soil and raising cattle in Northern California for generations.
  • Many people think the only way for young farmers to get ahead is to leave for a career away from agriculture before returning. For others, the only way they can save the funds to buy their own property is to work somewhere else. So how difficult is it to leave for a career only to return to the farm?
  • A good example of this comes from a California rancher, Megan Brown, sharing her custom exempt (meaning free from continuous inspection as it’s only providing meat for the animal’s owner) slaughter images and experience when harvesting both cattle and hogs at her family’s farm. Megan received a lot of criticism (some from within the livestock community) for being transparent and explaining how her animals were harvested.
  • As for her part of the farm, Brown says she has an “open barn door” policy, and often invites people to have a taste of farm life — through visits to the farm and through her online writing.
  • Megan Brown sells beef from grass-fed cows, but the Butte County rancher’s choice is motivated more by the higher price she can get for organic beef than worries about the health consequences of eating meat from cows that ate genetically modified grain.
  • Anyway, Megan has been a friend of my family for a long time. She grew up on a beautiful commercial cattle ranch in the foothills of Northern California and continues to work on the ranch today.
  • MEGAN BROWN, a 2004 Chico State graduate with a BS in agricultural business, values the leadership abilities she developed in the ag program. She comes from a six-generation Butte County cattle ranching family that raises and sells grass-fed cattle.
  • Young California Farmers: Megan Brown
  • Megan is PASSIONATE about all things ag and ranching. So passionate it is downright contagious. She is a 6th generation cattle and hog rancher from Northern California. She pours her heart and soul into everything she does, from raising cattle and hogs, to educating and speaking about agriculture. It’s a love that runs deep. I admire her on so many levels and if you ever get the pleasure of meeting her you will too. She stands up for what she believes in, isn’t afraid of hard work and is one of the kindest people I know.
  • A month or so ago, I spent a couple of days with members of our Vegetables team in California. It was a great change in pace from being in the office — having a chance to talk at length with people who spend their days looking for ways to improve fruits and vegetables for farmers and eaters like me.
  • Megan Brown, a beef rancher from Chico California, was able to dispute some of the more common misconceptions in the room. Brown brings up the point that “agriculturists are our own worst enemy” and that we need to “open our barn doors” and let consumers experience agriculture.
  • Megan Brown, cattle rancher and world renowned agriculture and food blogger occupied the chair next to Mr. Simon.
  • Our friend and famous ag-blogger, Megan Brown, lives a short drive from us and is a 6th generation cattle rancher.

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