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This is one of my most favoritist things I’ve ever written. Just because it was so agonizing for my family to make the decision to seek help outside our industry and the repercussions that we dealt with because of that decision. However, this particular column has fostered many conversations in my industry, and I think that is an excellent thing. As I am discovering sometimes you have to stir the pot to affect change, and I’m ok with being that person sometimes.

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Sometimes there is a better way Blog | Blog | Feedstuffs FoodLink

I often have people tell me that I will never understand what it is like to work for something because I am an only child and our Ranch has been passed down through the family. Instead of punching these people in the throat (I am a firm believer that stupid should hurt sometimes), I try and explain to them that if indeed it was that simple, there would probably be a lot more generational ranches around.

Until you have the experience of transitioning a ranch to the next generation it can be hard to understand what a complicated and delicate process it can be. I’ve been through the process once and would like to think that I have learned from the experience. I’m trying to urge some of my ranching friends that are new to the industry, to plan ahead. Also, I’m honestly trying to get them to stop sayings things like “I don’t understand” to me, because it is hurtful and not conducive to healthy communication, something the beef industry firmly needs.

With that being said, my latest column for Feedstuffs….

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Emotion more than science but both needed | Blog | Blog | Feedstuffs FoodLink

As you all know, over the past month I have been on a quest. This quest involves our local weekly entertainment paper. All I am asking this paper to do is their job, report the facts about all types of agriculture. Surprisingly, this quest is not easy. But I have learned a great deal, I’ve gained lots of new followers on this blog and even better, I have column ideas!!!

Typically, I’m a huge believer in science. But I wasn’t always like this. Before I earned my bachelor’s (of science!) degree, I was that girl that would do almost anything to get out of taking a science class (unless it was an animal science, those were ok). Once I was in college and realized that all science related to each other, whether it is animal science or inorganic chemistry, I sucked it up and learned! Science is freaking cool, and super beneficial when used for good.

But I do understand the “science is scary” mentality. It’s like riding a new horse on a new ranch, the potential for disaster is everywhere. However as you become a better and more confident rider, and your horse settles into its surroundings, you can appreciate the beauty of your ride. Science is the same way, the more you learn about it and the more you understand it, the more you can appreciate and use it.

Our real life, next door neighbor wrote in to the editor of the paper I have been questing with. Now oddly enough, I believe this neighbor and I are very similar. We both want access to a safe, sustainable and healthy food supply. We both are pasture based. We are both multi-generational producers. However I think I am more pro-science, and they are more pro-emotion. Here I’ll post their letter and let you decide for yourself.

Letters for April 19, 2012 Chico News & Review

I’m not going to comment about the content of their letter (Although I do find it worth noting that FLTB is not a way for the meat industry to cover shoddy practices. It’s a way to safely use the whole carcass, therefore increasing our sustainability). If you are curious about the claims she makes and want information to refute or affirm her claims, let me know, I would be more than happy to provide peer reviewed, science based information. Ms. Albrecht’s letter was an excellent reminder to me that emotion will probably always triumph over science, therefore providing me with inspiration for this month’s column. Is it possible for agriculture to find a balance between science and emotion?

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Farmers Are True Environmentalists | Blog | Blog | Feedstuffs FoodLink

Predator animals, for the most part, are something that farmers and ranchers must deal with far more than our urban counterparts. When Heather Kingdon wrote her guest post for this blog, she articulated the pain and heartache producers feel when we are unable to protect our animals, far better than I ever could. I think it is very important to show all aspects of our ranches, the good, the bad and the ugly. Hence my latest column…..

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Ag can be lovable, so it’s time to show it | Blog | Blog | Feedstuffs FoodLink

Oh, hi there Beef Jar Reader. If you’ve been a long-time follower you’ve seen the evolution of this blog and my writing. I’ve gotten a lot better over the 3 or so years I’ve been doing this. It’s been hard work! My point of views about some things agriculture have changed dramatically over the years. And change is hard. But change is also good. I’ve learned so much and hopefully you have too.

I’m very excited to announce that I have joined the Feedstuffs/Feedstuffs FoodLink team of contributors along with Jesse R. Bussard and Mike Haley (I know, can you believe it? Those are some serious agvocates)! This is a HUGE deal. I work with Andy Vance now (he’s the Paul Harvey of our generation, in case you didn’t know)!!!! My very first column is published, and here it is, my Mom is so proud (and so am I)! Enjoy!

Ag can be lovable, so it’s time to show it | Blog | Blog | Feedstuffs FoodLink.

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