I am currently taking names for the 2016 grass-finished and grain-finished beef.

I have two mulefoot hogs and two old spot/red wattle available for spring 2016.

Starting spring 2016 we will also have lamb!

Also we have goat’s milk soap for sale.

Shoot me an e-mail if you want to know more. Thank you!


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  1. Elizabeth Young

    I am interested in buying your grassfed, fancy beef. Please send me details.

  2. Tanya Parish

    I am interested in beef and pork. What is the timeline on both of these? Love what you are doing!

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  4. Carrie

    Can you please give me information on your beef as far as prices and quantities, also is it grass fed/grass finished?


    • I sell whole of half beefs and charge whatever current market prices are. I make a huge effort to make it as an affordable as I can. All my beefs have lived their whole life here on the ranch, on grass.

    • Larry Boggs


      Interested in one hog, which would be partnered with family and friends, wondering what the estimated cost might be?
      Do you sell just half a hog?
      What would be estimated wt?
      Do you butcher? If not I may get a person out of Greenville?
      What would be your time line? my guess is that you do not have any now.

      Larry Boggs

  5. Mary Benson

    Beef and pork for us, please!

  6. Jay Olins

    Just two of us in Sacramento so even going half-hog would be overwhelming. Just have standard fridge with freezer. Any chance of sharing with others or finding a retail butcher with your wattle hogs?


      I do have a few other people looking for a smaller amount. It’s hard and not as good as a deal, but I’m going to email you directly and hopefully we can work something out!

  7. Karen

    Would like info on availability and prices of beef and pork. Thanks

  8. Is it too late for the lamb?

  9. Hope

    I am interested in a half beef.Need priceAlso half pig

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