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Favorite Things 2018 – A Gift Guide

Oh, yes, friends. It is that time of the year againTime for a list of my favorite things, aka The Aghag’s gift guide for Holiday giving. Please excuse me for being late this year. The Camp Fire has taken its toll and everything is just a whisper off.  Ok, back to business, I have this set up where all you have to do is click on the link under the photo (the underlined words in the caption of the photo) and it should take you to the corresponding shop. These are all products I use and love and I am not being paid to say that.


Last year after the Cherokee Fire, a group of my friends sent me boxes of “things that made me feel better”. All of the things made me feel loved and better. But my friend, Dairy Carrie extra spoiled me because she sent a box of glorious cheese. I won’t lie, I cried when I opened it. You will too. This is a great gift. My whole family loved and benefitted from this gift.



This has been a big year in terms of personal growth for me. I learned a lot about feminism, patriarchy and how we react when confronted with ugly truths. Without this book, I would have been very lost. Ms. Solnit’s writing helped guide me through some nasty misogyny this year. I highly recommend men, women and teenagers read this book. It is a wonderful start into this complex topic.


If you are from Chico chances are you have a Klean Kanteen and this is why: “The devastating Camp Fire in our Chico backyard decimated the town of Paradise. We’re proud to offer our exclusive ‘Butte Strong’ 16oz Insulated Wide. 100% of NET proceeds will go directly to Camp Fire relief efforts. Special thanks to local Chico artist 12 Volt Tattoo for the custom graphic. “
I bought one because they are giving back and supporting the survivors of the Camp Fire and I love this model because of the lid.


Authentic Japanese snacks, need I say more? I’m a foodie. I like to try different foods. I heard about Snakku and I knew immediately I needed to try it. It did not disappoint! Everything the box contained was a new and exciting experience in taste and texture. It came beautifully wrapped, so not only was it a treat for my palate, it was for the eyes as well.


Two words: honey bears! Travis started his own apiary (aka beekeeping) from scratch. I had the privilege to meet his bees, taste his honey and see some of it get bottled. It was fascinating. I’ve always wanted my own bees until I figured out I’m allergic and I saw how hard Travis worked. It’s much better to buy honey from the professionals. I highly recommend this one.


Growing up in Durham, you know the Sohnrey family. You just do. A couple years ago they opened up a farm store. It’s my go to place for local agriculture products. These Lemon Almonds have been sent all around the world in gift packages because they are freaking amazing. All the best fruits and nuts come from California, here is the best place to get some.


It makes the List every year for a reason, wiping your own butt is gross. It will make the List every year for that reason. Enough said.


My Mom makes this lovely soap. She has for over 20 years now. She hand makes it, in her kitchen, in small batches. She uses goat’s milk, essential oils, clay, olive oil, and other feel good, smell good and look pretty things. It’s all I use in my shower and I swear by it. I know I’m her kid, and I’m supposed to say this, but sweet Baby Oprah, this soap is glorious. You have to email her at if you’d like to place an order. Her inventory changes with the season, so make sure to ask about all her scents.


Black Chickpeas! Small Town Specialties has some unique products!

Black Chickpeas! Small Town Specialties has some unique products!

Small Town Specialties has black chickpea and Livermore red walnuts. Both super cool things! I had the pleasure of meeting both Allen and Melissa, they were wonderfully nice. Black chickpeas and red walnuts are pretty usually, so this would be a wonderful gift for your favorite foodie or entertainer in your life.

That is it for this year folks. I hope this helped or at least gave you some good gift giving ideas. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and thank you for reading.

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Camp Fire: Keep Your Asshole in Your Pants Please

People not from this area, the Camp Fire is huge. And I know you’ve heard ‘forest management’ but I’d like to show you more aspects of our terrain here in Butte County. We have grassland too. Tell me, how do we log this? How do you log a town? ‘Forest management’ isn’t the whole story or answer. The issue is far more complex. I know opinions are like assholes, we all have one. But, gentle reminder, if you aren’t from here and aren’t familiar with our landscape, please keep your asshole in your pants. At least until the smoke is clear, and our community is no longer breathing in our memories and loved ones. I’ve already de-friended too many people lacking empathy and sympathy, don’t make the number higher.

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Camp Fire: Masks Are Important

This is the before and after photo of the masks I’ve been wearing to protect myself from the smoke and ash in the air. The Camp Fire has made the air toxic here. My eyes, skin and throat feel so dirty and heavy. We’re on day 10 of this horrific fire. I’m attempting to share what I can on all my social feeds, it’s helping with the emotions I’m experiencing. I’d like to thank everyone for the support, love, prayers, juju, you’ve sent. We’re Butte Strong and we will get through this.

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Wordless Wednesday: Camp Fire

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