Luna is Missing

Please help us get our girl home!

Please help us get our girl home!


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5 Responses to Luna is Missing

  1. I hope you find her; we’d be lost without our farmdog.
    I imagine there’s a reason not to have a collar on the dog, but have you considered the option of microchipping?


      She doesn’t wear a collar for two big reasons, the first is because we don’t want her to get hung up in a fence and die and the second is because of rattlesnakes. If she is bitten she’ll swell and the collar will cut off circulation. She’s our only dog not to be chipped because getting her into the vet is like pulling teeth, and the mobile one didn’t do it. Trust me, I feel 10000’s kinds of awful about that right now. But my friend did make me feel a little better by pointing out a chip isn’t a tracking device.

      • Jaime Desenberg

        Is she still missing? Iā€™m so sorry. I know I would be sick. šŸ™
        Best of luck finding her fast!

  2. I wasn’t trying to make you feel bad at all(!) when I mentioned micro-chipping; no it’s not a tracking device, but sometimes dogs are found when they are chipped. I’m really sorry to have upset you; I hope you found your dog.

  3. Tom

    Have you checked out the female pyrenees found in grass valley? I know its a long ways but stranger things have happened. Hadha and steven posted on craigslist they found the above dog. Phone #530-518-4432.

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