Throwback Thursday: Anabelle and Melvin

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a Throwback Thursday. I got super inspired when I got to go back to the South and see where part of my family came from so promised myself to continue learning about my family. It’s also been windy for the past few days so I’ve had time to go through my big old box of pictures. I’m not posting this on a Thursday, like I’m supposed to, but hey, at least I’m posting again!

Anabelle Hardgrave Dec 13 1946
This Throwback Thursday picture isn’t of my family. But I recognize the last names of other local families, so I hope I can track down one of their descendants to see if they’d like the photo. I believe it is important to know your history, it’s something that is important to me. And hopefully, I’ll get some good karma and someone might share something cool with me!

Ok about this photo. The beautiful writing on the back says this is Anabelle Hardgrave and Melvin Edgar (sp?), the date was December 13, 1946. I know it was taken in Indian Valley, because I recognize the mountains and it was with other photos that were taken up there. That is all I can glean from this photo.
So dear readers, can you help? Do you remember these people? Know their grandkids? Have any history to share with me?


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  1. Carol Viscarra

    Megan , Annabelle Hardgraves is Annabelle Pearce..mother of Vicki Pyle, Terri Pearce, Joe Pearce. Grandmother to Cody and Clancy.

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