Throwback Thursday: July 20, 1947

Hi! Welcome to a new series on The Beef Jar! Throwback Thursday! I’m going to post an old photo and hopefully a story, at least the story I know, to go with it. For my inaugural post, I picked this photo:

In front of the Ranch on Stampfli Lane.

In front of the Ranch on Stampfli Lane.

The writing on the back identified these people and horses:

  • Ernest Learner, Prince
  • Martha Learner, Balu
  • ‘           ‘ Learner, Star
  • Lona Jean Nagler, Balie (Sp?)
  • Barbara Conklin, Star Dust
  • David Vice, Baley
  • Sammie Brown, Dusty
  • Lloyd Goultee (Sp?), Kiluertone (Sp?)
  • Shirley Bolick, Handy
  • Millard Gale, Vern
  • Bill Trull, Popeye

The photo itself was taken on our ranch in Indian Valley. In front of the old ranch house on Stampfli Lane. Sammie Brown was my Great Uncle. He died of polio in 1954, the day my father was born. Look here to see my Dad’s birth announcement in the same paper.  Could you imagine what a week it must have been for my family? I know Sammie was a expert horseman that dedicated a lot of his time to teaching others. I ended up with some of Sammie’s pictures, a school book of his, and his death book from his funeral.


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  1. Bob Cameron

    Hi Meg,

    You really have a lot of great stuff. That newspaper you put up came out when I was eight. I Remember reading all that local info, who visited who etc, when I was a kid. I didn’t know your dad, but now know Larry is your uncle so Phyllis is your aunt. They were right behind me in school.
    Love the site and your energy.

  2. Carol V

    Love this photo. Your family home in Stampfli is such a treasure. Your Gramma Pat was our 4-H crafts leader and I got to visit often. My fondest and most distinct memory was a quilting frame in the living room… that was on pulleys and could be raised to the ceiling. There was also a dining table that had to have been 20 feet long – perfect for arts and crafts class as well as dining. That house was once a very busy spot.

  3. Judy Moore

    Barbara Conklin’s horse was named Stardust, she was a lovely mare that had a beautiful bay baby that was not so nice!

    • Thank you Judy! The handwriting on the back was so hard to read! Is Barbara still here? Or her family? Would they like a copy of the picture?

      • Marilyn Hatch Crouch

        Barabara Conklin (married Paul Whipple) does live here in Greenville. I used to babysit her children Jerry Whipple (lives here in town) and Bart Whipple who I think is or was a Brewmaster at Sierra Nevada Brewery there in Chico. Great people! I remember hearing Sammy Brown’s name over the years as he was a very good friend to my Dad and uncle, Doc and Jim Hatch. I have pics of all of them some where packed away. I will see what I can find.

        • Well, this is just terribly exciting! I recognize the last names! I know I’ve seen labeled pictures! I’ll keep digging too!

        • Rita Wright

          Hi Marilyn,

          I recognized your Dad & Uncles name right away! Many memories of my dad Rick McCoy, and Uncle Wayne McCoy and their adventures with the Hatches & Hawkinsons and of course Sammie.

          I especially remember stories of that long table being on a porch. You had to wash your boots before stepping on the porch ( some kind of water faucet/fountain was there for the washing) after the gang rode to move all the horses from one pasture to another. Then the kids were all served ice cream on that long table.

  4. I am going to LOVE this series. Great picture, I love it! Historical photos are the BEST!

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