The Future of the Farm

Last month I got a rather interesting email from a Professor at Chico State. Dave Simon, who is the author of “Meatonomics” is going to be at Chico State and Dr. Jones (the Prof), is interested in putting together a discussion like The Commonwealth Club did here. Dr. Jones wanted to know if I’d like to be apart of this discussion.

I’ll admit, I was hesitant. My experience with some vegans and vegetarians have been less than stellar. Putting myself in the line of fire, away from my computer, is scary and outside of my comfort zone. But, part of the reason this blog exists is because of a vegan that went out of her way to attack my way of life, despite having never met me or seen my ranch. That experience did have a profound affect on me – I flung my barn doors wide open and never looked back.

When I flung my barn doors open, several leaders in my industry made it clear to me that they did not approve. While I certainly understand the repercussions of being so honest (I’m still feeling them), I think our industry needs to be as transparent as we can. We have nothing to hide.



It’s no secret that my biggest criticism of the beef industry is we don’t engage with our consumers in serious matters. We should be using every opportunity, every forum, every event as a platform to tell our stories. For too long, our stories have been told by others, and it’s gotten us no where.

When Dr. Jones mentioned he was having trouble finding someone from the cattle industry to participate, I knew, right then I would love to be apart of this discussion. I met with Dr. Jones to get a copy of the book and talk about this event. I was very much surprised to find Dr. Jones agreed with me about telling our story. He assured me that this event would be positive and informative and not your typical “meat bad, cattle rancher bad” event.

I’m excited. This is me, practicing what I preach.

If you are in the area Monday, October 20th, won’t you think about attending? Word on the playground is there is going to be some Q and A, and I know I could use some support. Plus, I think it is just great that our University is hosting events where we all can learn from different points of view, that is the whole point of education, right?



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  1. Will there be an opportunity to watch it being streamed or another (real time) media so that I may participate from Arkansas?

  2. grapedoc

    I wish I could attend, but I hope someone asks this question:

    “Cellulose is the one of the most abundant molecules on the earth and one that is entirely renewable since it is made mostly by plants and other harvesters of solar energy. Ruminants like cows give we humans access to all of that energy because of the microbes they house in their unique digestive system. Realistically, what would it take to replace that component of human nutrition without the benefit of their special digestive systems?”

  3. Good luck! Let us know how things go.

  4. Barb

    Megan you are a brave and intrepid woman. I support your efforts totally and send you best wishes in facing down the tunnel-visioned-vegan know it alls. I would drive to Chico to attend, but I might not be a polite pro-beef guest. My husband just asked, “Why should we have to defend Agriculture?” Good question, everyone eats!

  5. Thanks again for agreeing to participate. It should be a lively and constructive event. We are all looking forward to it. And BTW, after having spent time in conversation with you, I have no doubt that if one of those pesky “tunnel-visioned-vegan know-it-alls” were to attend and challenge you, you seem more than capable of “facing down” such a challenge!

  6. Two days later, and the suspense is killing me. How did it go? What was said? How do you feel about it?

    Long time reader, first time commenter. 🙂

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