My Top 13 Cattle Working Tips….


  1. Wear comfortable and supportive underwear and socks. There is nothing worse than getting an epic wedgie while running up and down a catwalk of a chute.
  2. Well…as long as we are on the subject…..Invest in a really good sports bra. The rocks + ATV’s = giving yourself a black eye.
  3. Bring an extra jacket because it’s always colder than you think, especially on an ATV. A beautiful, balmy morning can quickly turn into hypothermia and snotcicles.
  4. Wear short sleeves underneath because it gets hotter than you planned and boob sweat in your fancy sports bra is not your friend.
  5. Try and get as far away from the boss as you can, this lessens the likelihood you’ll get yelled at.
  6. Bring Chapstick, it’s wonderful for many uses. You never know when you’ll need to lube up a gate that is stuck or when your lips need moisturizing.
  7. Wind burn is as bad as sunburn. Wear lots of sunscreen and a big hat, you’ll thank me when you’re my age and you still get carded.
  8. Check all gates for hornet’s nests first! Those suckers hold a grudge and will get you at all costs. It’s like getting punched, it’ll ruin your day.
  9. Bring toilet paper. It’s a long way back to the house, there is no shame peeing in a stock trailer. Dripping dry is not time efficient.
  10. Keep your mouth shut as much as possible. I swear the cows get great joy flicking poo at and on you. Cow poo doesn’t taste good.
  11. Shut and lock and double check that you locked every gate you pass through. You do not want to be the one responsible for accidentally letting the cows out.
  12. Wear boots that are comfortable. There is nothing worse than breaking in a new pair of boots during a work day. You’ll be so busy, you won’t notice your blisters until they bleed.
  13. Bring your sense of humor.  Sometimes things will go wrong, people will get snapped at, and you will get poo in your mouth – it’s life, you just have to spit it out and keep moving forward.


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7 Responses to My Top 13 Cattle Working Tips….

  1. Shannon

    You forgot “Do not store your phone in the previously mentioned sports bra. Boob sweat will kill the phone.” Remember that time I fried my phone? 🙂

  2. Also when you’re on the ATV chasing a cow in, be conscious what pocket your phone is in. Back pockets aren’t the best. I lost one of hubs phones that way once, before there was “find my iphone” apps. :/

    • This is very true! I’ve done that, but I was lucky enough to find my phone! If you put your phone in your front pocket you run the risk of losing it while irrigating! Ahhhhh – the risks of modern ranching, lol!

  3. Maybe it was too obvious or a given. Have lots of patience because you’ve got to work cattle slow and anticipate their movements – if you don’t, everybody, including the cows gets pissed and you’ll be working them all day.

  4. “Check all gates for hornet’s nests first” – hm, and if you find a nest, what is the best way to act, esp. if you just HAVE to go through that gate?

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