Brown Ranch Hamburger Beef Animal Share

Brown Ranch Hamburger Beef Animal Share 

We are excited to expand our grass-fed meat program! We are offering a chance to buy a live beef animal share! As always, our certified Natural Black Angus cattle have never been fed grain, never received any antibiotics or added hormones. They have lived their lives peacefully and humanely on our 6th generation cattle ranch, enjoying winter and spring in the Sacramento Valley and a second spring and summer in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains.


We are offering the following shares: 

A petite share – 10 lbs of hamburger for $55.

A small share – 20 lbs of hamburger for $105.

A medium share – 50 lbs of hamburger for $250.

A large share – 100 lbs of hamburger for $475.

A paleo share – 200 lbs of hamburger for $900.

Please contact Megan Brown (530) 518-4432 or for more information. 

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