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I’m a huge fan of guest posts. I always learn something. I get a new point of view. It’s all good stuff. I’ve been after many of my friends to write posts for me, and when they do I get all kinds of happy! Anjanette has been a long time commenter on but this is her first post here! Thank Anjanette, I appreciate your hard work!


AgChat Foundation was started by farmers and ranchers and those in the agricultural community; throughout the United States, even the world, a “place” to tell their story, share and even dispel false and negative information to a broad audience that would not otherwise be possible.

When only 2% of the population make their living in agriculture the need to share their stories through social media platforms and engage those; who in this generation have probably never even seen a farm, becomes increasingly important to its future. I became involved in AgChat to tell the story of water and the environment. Similarly, northern California where we have an abundance of the water resources and the least population in the state, it’s become clear that we must share “our story.” The story of the Sacramento Valley as an essential part of California’s economic well being and long term viability must be told. Our local communities and water resources are intertwined as it supports healthy ecosystems, recreation and highly productive farming that support the region’s economy and communities.

Western Canal WD started a “Wildlife and Rice Farming” webcam to share the part of this “story” through multiple social media platforms i.e. Twitter, YouTube, Vine, Pintrest, and Instagram. Some we use more than others for various reasons; at the #AgChat Northwest Regional Conference in Portland at the end of January, I will be leading session on the pros and cons of each platform so you can decide which one(s) are best for you. There are other sessions led by today’s leading agricultural bloggers and social media experts to help farmers and ranchers to gain the skills to engage in and build social communities to tell their story of agriculture and #Agvocate for our way of life. To sign up for the AgChat Northwest Regional Conference go to

For local examples of Agvocates follow Megan Brown @MegRaeB and Jenny Dewey Rohrich @Jenlynndewey and of course Western Canal Water District @WCWDwebcam.

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  1. It’s great to see agvocates coming together with things like agchat. With such a small percentage of the population associated with farming, it is very important to get the agriculturists’ stories out, especially with so much fear and misinformation campaigning going around about food and agriculture production.

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