Garden 2013: I’m Gonna Win!

Ahem, if you follow me or this blog with any regularity you have probably noticed I got put on a vegans group’s radar. This particular group had issue with my Adult 4-H: The Last Update post. In fact they said “I can’t sugar coat it, this girl sucks and so does the 4H program! Please contact her and give her an ear full”. Well that resulted in over 100 comments on that post alone, it broke my record for the most views on my blog, and just tried to create all kinds of drama.

This happened.

This happened.

Well needless to say their words were not successful in getting me to convert to veganism nor did it convince me not slaughter the pigs. The whole reason I got the pigs was so I could raise a critically threatened heritage hog, hopefully bringing some attention to the breed (to help save it!). I also like to know how my meat is treated, and by raising my own I ensured they had the best life and death ever. It was my goal that if Dr. Grandin magically appeared out here, she would tell me that I was doing a good job. The icing on the cake was I had three other women that wanted to learn about what I was doing!

My facebook friend Jan Hoadley, posted this to her wall. This is kinda what I'm going for with my garden.

My facebook friend Jan Hoadley, posted this to her wall. This is kinda what I’m going for with my garden.

The last few days have been interesting for me. I dealt with being called all kinds of horrible names by people that have no clue what I am about (and obviously did not even bother to read the blog post). We slaughtered the hogs. I worked on the Ranch and I officially started my garden. The biggest surprise however was after my Dad read through all the comments relating to this blog, even the ones on Facebook, he bought me a present! I think he either felt bad or was impressed with how I handled everything or both. He called me up, after spending a good, long time reading all those nasty comments and said “hey Meg, I have an idea, let’s buy a dog kennel and use that for a deer proof fence”. Ummmmmm, YES!

My zombie apocalypse/deer proof dog kennel.

My zombie apocalypse/deer proof dog kennel.

Last summer the deer drove me insane. All I want in life is to grow my own food, veggies, fruit and meat. All the deer want in life is to eat my veggies and fruit. I spent a small fortune last summer, replacing plants, buying wire, buying anti-deer stuff, chasing them with sticks and screaming, but nothing worked! Finally I gave up and got very sad. The plant sad went away about mid-winter, and I started planning my new deer proof garden. I had asked my Dad a few days ago to help me with building my new deer proof fence. I told him my plan, and he nicely told me he had a better idea. Since he was going to be doing all the building anyway (and he’s built more fence than anyone I know), I was like, OK! Well his first plan did not work because we couldn’t find the right materials. In the meantime, my Dad thought of a better idea – a dog kennel.

Square foot gardening. FWI.

Square foot gardening. FWI.

He loaded me up in his truck and we drove to town. We wanted to buy a Costco dog kennel because they are the best, but they didn’t have any in stock, so we settle for tractor supply company, either way, I was 30000 kinds of excited. My Mom and I assembled it in about 10 minutes and after that, I STARTED PLANTING! I do find it oddly amusing that our animals get to run free but my plants all have to be in cages.

It addition to doing square foot gardening, I am also incorporating aspects of vertical gardening. My vines will be trained up. I did it last year and it worked great, I mean, before the deer attacks.

It addition to doing square foot gardening, I am also incorporating aspects of vertical gardening. My vines will be trained up. I did it last year and it worked great, I mean, before the deer attacks.

Oh you guys, it was glorious. I have the knowledge my plants will be safe from deer, cat bathrooms, chickens, happy dog tails, skunks, and raccoons. I AM GOING TO HAVE A GARDEN. I will be able to eat all my own food this summer! Self-sufficiency feels good.

The seeds I got last summer on my field trip. They are gonna be so good!

The seeds I got last summer on my field trip. They are gonna be so good!

I started a bunch of seeds today in my bathroom greenhouse, in addition to sowing some seeds in my garden. I planted radishes, carrots, green onions, sweet onions. I planted a basil plant, a lemon cucumber plant and a squash too! Don’t forget about the peas and brussel sprouts I started for the Microwaves Kill! Or DO They? blog. In my bathroom greenhouse I started some of the seeds I got from my field trip to Monsanto. I’ve been hoarding those seeds all year, in anticipation of this moment.

New seed starts! New life!

New seed starts! New life!

So stay tuned because now you will be getting garden updates, not as fun as pig updates, but hey I’ll try and make it fun and educational, lol.


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9 Responses to Garden 2013: I’m Gonna Win!

  1. I’m really looking forward to following this deer-proof gardening adventure. I don’t have a green thumb…in fact, whatever color you associate with “death” that is the color my thumb is in regards to plants.

    Although, a garden wouldn’t pee on my clean laundry like a certain “adorable” dog does. And it wouldn’t shed on my couch or claw my furniture like that ferocious feline I claim………

  2. I love it Meg! You know, my sister did a square foot garden. Make sure you consider doing the sweet corn, squash and green beans together as the three sisters. It works really well!

  3. Bisham

    The vegans are just grumpy because they can’t enjoy bacon or a hamburger! There is a place for grass eaters and a place or omnivores – no bad words need to be thrown.

    I tell my children that they should have respect for the meat they eat and the animals they originate from. And that they should be ready to humanely kill and prepare these sources of nutrition and energy with their own hands and a sharp knife. Or else they should be vegan.

  4. I have to put up cattle panels around my garden in the summer because my father-in-law occasionally turns cows out in the area that I put it. If you’re really worried about raccoons you might have to put some sort of a roof on – I would think they could climb the kennel. But hopefully they’ll leave you alone!

  5. I have been following you and your pigs! I’m all for fresh pork in the freezer. I just have one suggestion and I learned it from Trent Loos. Instead of using the term slaughtered use harvest because that is what you are doing. Trent is an awesome advocate for agriculture as is Amanda Radke. they are worth a google:)

  6. I farm. I do not garden. I may change that this spring and do both. Have to be on watch for rabbits. The dog will get them, but if the garden is inside the fence then the dog will eat it based on past experience.

  7. did you put anything under it to deter gophers (chicken wire or something)? any plans for beneficial flowers, maybe on the outside?

    • DUDE! Sarah! We are so on the same wave length! I don’t have a gopher problem because of my cat Jack. He’s deadly. And I’ve already starting planting herbs and beneficial flowers around it! I’m so impressed with your ag knowledge! You go girl!

  8. Great post! I am excited to see where the next deer/garden chapter leads. Glad to see you keeping your head up and tackling the next project head on!!

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