American Meat: Young California Ranchers

A few weeks ago, I found myself tagged in a comment by a facebook friend of mine, Glen Groth. It was on a page called American Meat. They were looking for young ranchers and farmers under 35 in California. Well sure enough I got an e-mail from them, asking about me and the ranch.
Things progressed and the director Graham, finally gave me a call. We chatted for a while and we set a date for American Meat crew to come on out to the Ranch. I got the morning off from my town job, cleaned my house and hoped I wouldn’t sound like a complete moron.

Graham and Andy.

Graham and Andy.

Graham and Andy showed up bright and early. It was kind of odd because they told me to act like they were not there and just do my thing. That is really hard for me to do. When people are here I like to talk and visit and tell stories. Any way I took them to check salt. Of course I got the truck stuck because they were filming and that is just how I roll. Then I busted a bag of salt (the bag was wet and I didn’t notice) and when we were doing the interview part I’m certain I had a snoticle coming out of my nose. Graham and Andy were lovely enough to edit all of that stuff out so I look like I am actually a coherent adult, thanks guys!
This is what getting video'd looks like.

This is what getting video’d looks like.

Here is the finished product, enjoy! (And go check out the other videos, there are some super cool farmers and ranchers out there!!)


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5 Responses to American Meat: Young California Ranchers

  1. Loved the video and your responses!

  2. Great video largely cause it’s just you. Having been to the ranch, I am struck by how similar the video is to my experience.

  3. zweberfarms

    I would be curious to hear your take on the American Meat movie. I haven’t seen it yet. My gut is that I will largely agree with it, but many will not.

  4. Anjanette

    Seriously great video!! Glad you are out there spreading the word!

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