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This is one of my most favoritist things I’ve ever written. Just because it was so agonizing for my family to make the decision to seek help outside our industry and the repercussions that we dealt with because of that decision. However, this particular column has fostered many conversations in my industry, and I think that is an excellent thing. As I am discovering sometimes you have to stir the pot to affect change, and I’m ok with being that person sometimes.

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  1. This was a good blog piece. We’ve seen what happens when the public get in an uproar about animal health and safety. We’ve seen the very negative impact it can have on the farming community and suppliers of meat. It’s great to see that farmers also have their eyes open and can take action when they see animals suffering, in distress and will take action. It’s shocking that the local board tried to cover this up though and make excuses. That’s the exact “lack of transparency” and “dishonesty” that the public seems to expect from meat suppliers and farmers. With this type of cover up happening, can you blame the public for thinking farmers aren’t honest with them? That they don’t have the healthy and welfare of their customers in mind?

    The local board made a very grievous error with their response to this matter. They did nothing to earn the trust of the public, the trust of their very own customers and their future customers. They tried to sweep it under the rug, whereas they could have gained public trust by showing us “We will not tolerate anyone treating animals in this matter”.

    In what way does the local board’s actions in this matter, further the public’s trust in what they do for a living?

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