Giveaway: Guess How Much!!!

I’ve been trying to “weigh” our pigs weekly, with a weight tape. The weight tape is awesome for lazy kids like myself that don’t want to walk our pigs out to the scales, or for people that don’t own a scale. It’s not 100% accurate like a scale, but it gets pretty close. Since I’m not making a business out of these pigs, I’m not that concerned with with being perfect. This pig project is purely for fun, education and good food, for me.

This is a weight tape. They have them for cattle and stuff too.

This is a weight tape. They have them for cattle and stuff too.

That brings us to the point of this post! Giveaway time!!!! As you may or may not know, my Mom makes soap. The old timey, lye based, goats milk, soap. In her kitchen, using recipes she has honed over the past 15 years. It is the most amazing soap ever (I’m not just saying that because I am her kid, they really are amazing soaps). My Mom offered an 3 pack of her soap to the person that can guess the average weight of the piggies!

Mom's homemade goat's milk soap.The prize! And what a wonderful prize it is!

Mom’s homemade goat’s milk soap.The prize! And what a wonderful prize it is!

This is the deal – my Dad and I are going to go weigh the four red wattle/tamworth pigs and average the weight. If you want to win the soap all you have to do is leave a comment with how much you think the average weight will be, pretty easy!

Here are pictures from this morning to help:

Pig picture 1

Pig picture 1

Pig picture 2

Pig picture 2

Pig picture 3

Pig picture 3

Pig picture 4

Pig picture 4

Good luck!!! I will be announcing the winner tomorrow! And sending them the soap on Wednesday the 2nd!


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29 Responses to Giveaway: Guess How Much!!!

  1. Woo hoo! I have had some of this soap before and agree, it’s awesome! May have to put in a guess later!

  2. Taking just a stab with 142 – no clue how tall they are LOL

  3. I’m going to guess 76lb ave. Probaby way off…but hard to tell without a way to guage size in pics.

  4. I am going to guess 112 lb average. I’m not very good at guessing weights.

  5. Jim Latoski

    I would guess they weigh about 155lbs.

  6. Nichole Farley

    I will guess 115#
    I just bought a Groupon to learn to make soap. I am excited to learn!

  7. Jim

    137 average is my guess.

  8. RhonniG

    I’ll say 78.6 lbs!

  9. Marci

    I’m guessing 87 lbs

  10. 140# is my guess!
    What a fun giveaway!

  11. I’m going to guess 77 lbs!

  12. 23 pounds a pig! (I have no idea! haha)

  13. Suddenly thinking I should have guessed earlier! Now I have to figure out how to guess with all the other guesses that have been made! Is it like price as right where if I say 1 pound over the biggest so far or 1 pound gets me everything that’s under anyone else or what! LOL!

    The one seemed pretty small a month ago but the others were pretty good sized so I’ll say 90 pounds average.

  14. We had pigs when I was a kid but I was never around during weigh-in time 🙁

    I’m going to go with 93 pounds.

  15. Taysha Reitzel

    107 pounds!!

  16. Bill Husa

    I’m guessing 110lbs. average.

  17. Tracy rice

    Going back to my 4-h days I am going to say 67# avg. weight.

  18. I’ll say 190lbs cause they’ve been eating pumpkin a lot! (which has to be eaten with cream also….).

  19. Brittany

    158 average is my guess. Hope I am right, I love homemade soap. I keep saying I am going to try to make my own one day, never have though :(.

  20. Tracy Rice

    Alright so I posted a weight but don’t see it. So I’m posting another, and I’m glad because I thought the little runt guy was included. I am going to give you my best 4-H educated guess! So (digging into the archives) …… 75#

  21. Donna Foster

    Happy New Year Megan! My guess is 55#.

  22. John Gossage

    131 lbs

  23. nino

    I am usually pretty good at this, when it comes to pigs (am horrible with steers apparently) I say 136 pounds average.

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