Adult 4-H: What We’ve Learned in Two Days

Now that we’ve been pig owners for a few days, I thought I would share what we have learned so far:

Proper pig handling is essential for not only your pig’s health, but your own.

Hoot LOVES pigs.

Jack does not love pigs, but realized that a little too late to his liking.

The runt (Char) is really cute.

Learning how to drink from the water nipple took a hot second…..

But they are quick studies.

The runt will always take care of himself.

Our pigs are rooting for us! (But really, these guys love to root, and it’s super fun to watch their pure piggy joy)

Naps are essential on rainy days.


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5 Responses to Adult 4-H: What We’ve Learned in Two Days

  1. Matt Cook

    Looking good Meg! You maybe want to invest in some stainless steel piping as they get bigger, I fear the plastic pipe will get broken as they get rougher!

    The bruise reminds me of a nice scar on my thigh where a full grown boar accidentally stuck a tusk in me!

    • Excellent advice that we already took, lol! This is just a temp pen until they gain a few more pounds. Little Char can slip out of their big pen, we were worried about him!

  2. They’ll bite you everytime – if you wear gum boots in the pen, they’ll bite your feet. They just like to bite and nibble and I have no idea why…..

  3. I understand those piggy induced bruises for sure! I can’t get over how cute these guys are!

  4. “Rooting” for Char…so cute!

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