Craft Project! Hair Ties!

I got a twistband in my Birchbox last month. I loved it. Since I almost have waste long blonde hair, I am constantly searching for ways to keep my hair out of my face without destroying it. Twistband is my answer. Of course, I’m not the only one who has realized how awesome these hair-ties are. I see girls wearing them everywhere!

My homemade twistband!

Like all things I love, twistbands are kinda expensive. I bought 5 for $10 at my local clothing store and have seen them for much more. All twistbands are is elastic ribbon tied in a knot. I figured, I could make those!

Go to Michael’s (the jewelry section) and buy Blue Moon elastic band. Or be like me and have a worker do it! This guy was fun!

You will need your elastic band (it was $2.99!!!), scissors, a lighter and a ruler.

A simple trip to my friendly neighborhood Michael’s store and guess who has all the twistbands she wants? THIS GIRL! And now everyone in my office and at the coffee place I go every morning.

Cute your elastic into 8 inch pieces (7 might work better for some people, I have a lot of hair). Then, use the lighter to carefully scorch the end.

All you do in tie the elastic in a simple knot.

Just be careful to avoid twists in the elastic.

And pull tight to set the knot.

I made big ones to use as hair-bands! My lovely file clerk Meagan got my first one. Also thank you for the photo assistance! The one downside to living alone is no picture help.

If you want to make a hair-band instead of hair-ties just measure out about 19.5 inches of your elastic and tie the same way. I LOVE the hair-bands, they are awesome.

See wasn’t that super easy? It’s almost embarrassing  how cheap and easy these are to make. And you could even add beads, or paint or feathers or what-have-you, go wild!

So many! So fun! So easy!


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  1. I haven’t seen those at all! So cool… I might have to give this a try since my hair is quickly heading towards “braid me, or else” territory as well.

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