Birthday Poem!

It’s my birthday today. Birthdays make me super emotional. I’ve been crying all day, not sad crying, just I’m-the-center-of-attention-for-no-reason-crying (what, you don’t do that?). Anyway for the last few minutes this had me shedding more pretty big tears of attention. My friend Sir Ian Moore wrote this for me, I’m also printing this out for my frig. Go check out Ian’s blog for more funny, intelligent and witty Irish things. Thanks Ian, this is really cool and touching.

Megan’s Birthday Poem

It’s that time once again

We celebrate the passing of a year!

(and what better way to celebrate

But by the passing of some beer!)

You’ve managed to amaze the world,

By challenging people’s minds.

By point out some obvious facts

(“it’s LFTB, not pink slime!)

You’ve taught us all about ranching

And what really happens on a farm!

(and while GMO’s won’t give us super powers

It certainly won’t do us harm).

I know how beef is slaughtered!

And how Monsanto helps us all!

And that if you look in a farmers barn

you WON’T find a chicken 20ft tall……

You’ve helped open people’s eyes

You’ve shown us the truth

You’ve shown us some amazing things

(even if they are links to cowgirl boots)

I think that you’re amazing

And I thank my Irish luck

For getting to know Megan Brown

(who doesn’t mind that my rhymes suck)

So Happy Birthday Megan

I hope you have a very special day

You’re an amazing wonderful person

In every single way!


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7 Responses to Birthday Poem!

  1. brandibuzzard

    This is great! What an amazing birthday gift!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday Meg! You share a bday with my Mr, so from now on I’ll never forget yours either. Lol. Hope the day was wonderful…

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