New Boots!!!!

I follow a crap ton of agriculture blogs. If it happens in the world of ag, I want to know about it! An awesome benefit to following so many blogs (in addition to knowledge) is the giveaways! I do them occasionally on this blog, but my giveaways suck compared to some out there, like this one by the Farmer’s Trophy Wife and The Boot Barn! BOOTS!!!!!

Do you know how hard it was to take this picture? It was all I could do not to open this with my teeth! I hope you all appreciate that.

I’m not going to go into details, but parts of my summer were a bit rough. Things have calmed down a lot and I’m feeling a lot better about life in general, but there were a few weeks there when I was less than thrilled. My luck and summer started getting a lot better when I won these bad boys.


I woke up to an e-mail one fine July morning with the news I won the giveaway on the Farmer’s Trophy Wife’s blog! I thought she was joking until I had my morning coffee and received an e-mail from Rachel at the Boot Barn. After that I told everyone who would listen that I was having a wonderful day because I won fancy red cowgirl boots! Our UPS Man, was put on high alert!

Sean was stoked for me. He knew!

Due to the amazingness of the Shyanne Women’s Embroidered Clover Flower Western Boot, it took a while for them to get here. But want to know what? It worked out perfectly because I got them in the mail the day before my birthday! Guess who has new boots to wear out on her birthday? This cowgirl!

Proof! I won!!! ME!

I’ve had so much fun wearing my new boots around my office today, because they are new, the bottoms have no scuffs, this has enabled me to do my best Tom Cruise in Risky Business impression (except I have clothes on). I’ve slid past my boss’s door so many times I’m sure it isn’t funny anymore, but I’m still deeply amused! Tee hee!

Have I mentioned how good they smell? New boot smell is right up there with fresh cut hay and new horse smell! Mmmmmmm

Thank you Boot Barn and the Farmer’s Trophy Wife! I’ve wanted to new pair of boots for a very long time, but I’m trying to be a responsible adult (it’s hard) and pay off my student loans before I buy nice things for myself. I feel like this is a birthday present and a responsible adult present all in one!

See?! I can slide!!!!! Weeeeeee!!!!!!!


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11 Responses to New Boots!!!!

  1. You are going to love your boots. I got the same ones as you, but black with red flowers. They are really comfortable. p.s. I read quite a few of your blog posts today about your whole ag community ordeal. The first rule I learned about social media is that there are no rules. If people want their story told they need to stand up and tell, but don’t tell those who are working hard to connect with the consumers how they should do it. Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks Crystal! It really means a lot to hear that from you. I hope I can cause some positive change out here in California! I see so much potential!
      I love these red boots so much, I might have to buy the black ones for my Mom as a “gift”, ahem, lol.

  2. Keep them nice for the Pin up photo session!

  3. Love these boots! Love the colour red!

  4. Nice boots, won a pair from Boot Barn earlier this summer. It’s a great feeling to win new boots.

  5. Hey congrats! In addition to the fact that it was something you won, getting a package you’ve been waiting for in the mail is one of the most exciting things EVER.

    Go slow in those new fancy boots. I don’t want your next post to be one explaining a scenario similar to this:

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