Guest Post: Eat Retreat 2012

While I was at California State University, Chico, earning my degree, I had the pleasure of getting to know a lot of different people from various ag backgrounds. I managed to keep in touch with several friends from college, and it’s been pretty fun to watch them go out into the world. I met my friend Emily through our membership in Alpha Zeta (that is a smart kid club, FYI), she is the epitome of going out into the world and changing it. Unfortunately, while I cannot attend this event, hopefully some of you in internet land can have the pleasure (if you do please consider doing a guest post for me!)


Eat Retreat is back on for its 2nd year! Food community leaders from around the country will come together for a weekend long burn-out-cure full of the kind food and lifestyle that we all want to share with the world.

Courtyard party Photo credit: James Collier

Last year, we stayed on a 12,000 acre mountain ranch in Mendocino County. This year, we are upping the stakes with a sustainable farm and ranch in the beautiful Los Altos Hills, just south of San Francisco. Picture 48 hours of cooking collaboration, showing off your skills in food demonstrations, and most importantly sitting back with a good snack and new friends.
On the farm, we’ll learn about sustainable farming and ranching in California, and be able to create meals out of the farm’s produce.

Pig breakdown Photo credit: James Collier

In our first year, Eat Retreaters included brewers, coffee roasters, jammers, food photographers, chefs, food health advocates, writers, journalists, farmers market organizers and more! Since that glorious weekend, Retreaters have collaborated together for new food and cooking projects, and simply made new friends to lean on for creative inspiration.

Food lesson 1 Photo credit: James Collier

My favorite story of collaboration involves Bruce Cole, the fantastic editor of Edible San Francisco and Anna Larson, founder of Siren CSA. Anna came to Eat Retreat with a background in seafood working for a wholesale and distribution company. After our weekend ended, he started encouraging her to begin a seafood CSA. With her seafood background, and his entrepreneurial know-how, along with the talent of 2 food photographers, and a web designer, all from Eat Retreat, she created the Bay Area’s first seafood CSA, Siren CSA. Five people, who had never met before Eat Retreat, all came together from their various backgrounds to help start a new business bringing better food to everyone!

Applications are open now until August 24th. Below is some other critical information.

Location: Hidden Villa, Los Altos Hills
Date: October 26-28

Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for reading!

Emily Morgan can be reached at

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