Giveaway: Black Truffle Finishing Salt

Salt. Such a basic ingredient. Most of the time we don’t even notice it. This will change that. This black truffle finishing salt blew my mind.

Brown Ranch Filet with a generous sprinkling of black truffle finishing salt.

Finishing salt is added to the food after cooking. It’s enhanced flavor compliments whatever food it is served on. This particular salt compliments red meat like nothing I’ve ever tasted. This little grass finished ¬†filet was breathtaking.

Perfect meal. I was in food coma for hours after. Also if you’ve never grilled a nectarine you haven’t lived!

All you have to do in leave me a comment below and I will use to select a winner Monday, August 6. Good luck!

This could be yours!


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21 Responses to Giveaway: Black Truffle Finishing Salt

  1. Kelsey Cacace Fry

    That looks amazing! I’ve only tried Truffle Oil up to now but I definitely have to try the salt : )

  2. Grilled nectarines are a gift from the Gods. AMAZING. That dinner does look ideal… happy Sunday!

  3. Pick me, pick me! This looks and sounds delicious.

  4. we usually grill peaches with a pat of butter and some lavender in the middle. another favorite is plums with fresh thyme, then a blob of goat cheese after it’s off the grill.

  5. Joline

    Oh Megan, this sounds delicious. I hope I win!!!

  6. Janisha Carter

    I have not lived yet!! Must grill a nectarine, among many other fruits that I hear are amazing grilled! Your food is always so inspiring to me ;D

  7. Mmm, now I really want something grilled for dinner!

  8. I would love to try some of these. One of Paula Dean’s recent recipes was all about using Chocolate with meat. I love unexpected combinations.

  9. Nino

    Oh yeah, let it be me!

  10. I have been DYING to try truffle salt. That looks so amazing!

  11. Please get into my spice cabinet, you delicious-sounding salt.

  12. I got home-grown, grass-finished beef in the freezer. All I need is black truffle finishing salt to achieve nirvana.

  13. Sounds interesting. Salt-Aholic here.

  14. Hard to believe that a sprinkle of special salt would enhance beef, but I’d sure love to try it!

  15. Marilyn

    Sounds yummy. Anxious to try it. Hope I win.

  16. Shannon

    Yum! I want this!

  17. Jake Cecil

    Nothing better than a salty, grilled hunk of red meat. Great idea!

  18. mike

    Sounds great, Meghan! Hmmm. Grilled nectarine. I’ll have to try that, too.

  19. Oooh! Count me in for a chance to win some of that tastiness! <3

  20. Josh Hargis

    Fingers crossed. That looks and sounds amazing!!!

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