There Was A Fire on the Ranch Today



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  1. As much as I don’t love that you have to look at this charred ground until the grass fills back in, I do love the contrast between your done-up dress/hair and the rest of the scene. I am sure you will find some help with that fence, considering your beef bargain offer!

  2. Sorry to hear the new Megan. It could have been so much worse. So thankful it was stopped at 30 acres. Oddly enough I knew you ranch was in Oroville but since I’m not familar with all the roads I didn’t know exactually where. That was until last night as I was driving home and saw the trucks. Glad I know now. Just sorry I had to use a fire to figure it out. Chin up friend!

  3. Robin Rastani

    How awful, Megan. May you & your family rebuild stronger, as a result of this tragedy. May the ashes bring more fertile ground for crops & pastures. Thinking positive thoughts for you during this time.

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