Recipe: Black Truffle Infused Finishing Salt

A couple months ago my friend Dr. Arp, perked my interest when he tweeted about “the best steak ever”. You see Dr. Arp is a meat scientist, so when he talks about good beef, I tend to listen. What made this steak so special was the finishing salt Dr. Arp used to season it with. Truffle finishing salt.

The finished product. Black truffle finishing salt.

Now I’ve watched my fair share of The Food Network. I know truffles are a delicacy and supposed to be super good, but in my head it’s still a fungus and the same people that think fungus is a delicacy think calf nuts are too, something I never cared for. Since Dr. Arp had such rave reviews for this product, I figured I’d put my big girl panties on and try it.

Black truffles.

Of course this stuff is super expensive on the internet, so I decided to make it. I found the black truffles in Sacramento at one of those fancy grocery stores, where people’s cars in the parking lot cost more than my house. I used kosher salt, and my food processor and before I knew it I had truffle salt.

This little thing is intimidating!

As I mentioned before I am not a fan of mushrooms/truffles/fungus, but I’m trying to expand my food horizons. I was hesitant to try this stuff or touch the truffles (I’m being honest here), but as I ground the truffles up with the salt, the aroma was amazing. Imagine savory roast beef in a puddle of au jus, that is kinda what it smelled like, or in other words, heaven. I’m going to give this stuff a few days to infuse and fully develop its flavor and then I’m going to grill some of my special 30th birthday cow filets and use the salt to season them with. If I deem my finishing salt a success, I smell a giveaway!!!! Stay tuned!

It smelled so good!!!!!


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  4. Alejandro Ramos

    Hi, what ratio of truffle to salt did you use.

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