Rancho Ojo de Agua; Bolsitas

A couple months ago, a woman I follow on twitter, @SusanaCanseco, sent me an e-mail about feed bags or “Bolsas” her family makes. Well, I checked out the link – http://www.elojodeagua.com/more-about-our-recycled-feed-sack-bags/ – and let me tell you, I loved them. Her family upcycles all of their ranch’s feed sacks! Genius! This makes me happy on levels, obvisiously recycling is good, but these bags also make me think about the animals that Susana’s family cared for. I get the warm and fuzzies when I think about ranchers caring for their animals, I can’t help it.

So Susanna made me an offer I couldn’t refuse – she wanted to send one of her bolsitas bags to me to use, if I would write about my experience with it. It was like Christmas! I love doing this sorta stuff!!!! I scampered back over to her website to look at bags! To be honest, I loved them all, look at this one!!! Horses!!! And this one, it is a purse!!!!

I was pretty excited when my bag got here.

After much agonizing about what bag I wanted, I called in my Mom for a second opinion. Turns out, this was a bad idea, more on why later.

Jack was excited too. I had to pack him around in the bag for a few minutes before he would LET me take him out. He still tries to sleep in this bag.

My bag lives on my woodstove during the rare time I don’t use it. My Mom saw this and stole it from me!

She started sending me pictures of her using it!!!! She said since she helped pick it out, she got to use it too.

Yoga bag!

Want to hear a funny story? This is my Mom at the bank, right before she had the teller snap this picture, she asked the teller to please put money in it. Not realizing the teller would think my Mom was trying to rob the bank!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!! She gave it back to me after that!

These bags are tough!!!! We’ve used it for everything and it is still like new!!! There was a lot of hamburger in there!

I used it for my weekly shopping! It always gets lots of compliments too!

Honest opinion? I love this bag. It is very well made (it has pockets!!!!), it’s cute, and it’s recycled.

If you like to support crafty, creative people that make a product that really does rock, I highly recommend that you check out Susana’s page http://www.elojodeagua.com/bolsitas and buy one of her bags. I plan on buying a few for Christmas gifts! My friends will love them!

Even better, if you are in Texas go check out their beef and hunting http://www.elojodeagua.com/!!!


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4 Responses to Rancho Ojo de Agua; Bolsitas

  1. The nerve to take the bag then rub it in your face!

  2. Agro-spherical

    Cool. Thanks! What a good idea. . . .

  3. Terry Chandler

    My BOLSA is amazing. I use it for shopping and for the opera.
    Susana is a entrepreneurail whiz………we love her in South Texas CattleWomen. She is “boots on the ground.”

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