Rattlesnake Bite

A cold, hard fact about raising animals is bad things will happen. Animals will get hurt. They will get sick. They will die. You cannot avoid it. Losing an animal never gets easier. Seeing an animal in pain never gets easier. As Ranchers it is our job to mitigate these illnesses and deaths to the best of our ability.

We have developed a stellar vaccination, supplement and genetic program, which fortunately keeps them very healthy. We rarely use antibiotics, our Ranch focuses on preventing disease and illness, so we don’t have to use them.

However sometimes things happen to our cattle that we can’t prevent or do too much to fix. We’ve had cattle get hit by lighting, break legs frolicking, people have driven by and shot them. Bad things happen, its a fact.

As you saw before, we have rattlesnakes here on the Ranch. A lot of rattlesnakes actually. Inevitably, every year we have a couple of calves that get bitten. The majority of the time they will live without any intervention from us. The calves are usually never the same though. This is what a fairly fresh snake bite looks like on a calf. We will continue to watch him to make sure it gets better, not worse.

Look at his back thigh.

See the swelling?

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  1. Always so horrible, but what can you do? The snakes are all waking up and starting to sun themselves out here in Wyoming as well… there’s never any doubt in my mind as to whether my dogs will get their rattlesnake vaccination. I’ve seen it work too many times to risk NOT getting it!

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