My Day on the Ranch

Between my various jobs and activities, I’ve been a very busy girl lately. And I was starting to feel it. So when my Parents asked me if I could get a day off from my office job in town, to Ranch sit while they went on their yearly trek to buy ranch supplies, I jumped at the chance. Luckily, my office job in town is 30 kinds of awesome, and I got the day off!

As a rule, we never leave the Ranch empty. We’ve had too many bad experiences. Plus our house is like Grand Central Station, people are constantly coming and going. My friends often comment on what peaceful lives we must have on the Ranch. I just have to laugh, while country life certainly does have its moments of peace and calm, more often than not, the Ranch is a never ending source of entertainment and drama.

I was determined to unplug and really enjoy the Ranch, during my rare day off. I desperately needed some animal time. I also wanted to share some of the neat things I get to do when I have free time on the Ranch. One of those things is playing with our cows.

I think it is important to play with the cows, to walk through them, to talk to them and visit with them. That way when we have to move them, or vaccinate them, they aren’t scared of us. And if they aren’t scared of us they are less likely to have the flight or fight reaction to us, and that means less stress, less injuries and an all around better experience will be had by all.

Back when I was in 4-H, I had some steers that loved treats. Now you ask, what do cows consider treats? Well, like people, it depends on the cow. I’ve had steers that loved pumpkins but hated tomatoes. They would love stale bread but turn their lip up at an apple. Cows are weird.

I’ve had a pumpkin on my front porch since November; I’ve been waiting for it to decompose so I can get the seeds out of it to plant this summer. My pumpkin finally melted and I saved my seeds (I know the deer will really appreciate my garden this year, why do I even bother?!). I decided to take the rest of the pumpkin out to the cows so they could have a little treat and I could spend some time with them.

I also took a video of the calves’ reaction to the pumpkin. This years’ calf crop has never seen a pumpkin before this point, so it amused all of us.  Make sure you watch all the way to the end to see the Mama cow show you what she thinks of the treat.

The cows and calves feel really good, they have fresh grass, warm sun and lots of energy! They know our dogs and love to see what they can get away with before the dogs have enough. In this video, I have Hoot, Jinx and Nikki , and they get to have a little cow time. Remember Nikki is retired so this is a big deal for her! She can’t hear so well and isn’t has fast as the pups, but she still loves get a cow once in a while. Watch Hoot get embarrassed at the end when she realized she didn’t “hear” me.


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2 Responses to My Day on the Ranch

  1. I have a Humpy Bull that will turn his nose up to white bread, but LOVES whole wheat! The cows and heifers aren’t particular and gobble up both!

  2. The dogs… too funny! Right now we’ve got a couple of young ones and they’re like a bunch of kids in Chuck E Cheese when we bring them down to the feedlot. Baby steps…

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