Sally Pig

Her name was Sally Pig. She was my first 4-H project. I was 10 years old and I picked her out, fed her, walked her, watered her, bathed her, and played with her all by myself. I took my responsibilities very seriously, I knew if I didn’t take care of her no one else would, because it was MY job. I also knew I was saving for something called “college” and this would help me do that.

10 year old me, walking Sally around the Ranch.

Sally Pig was my launching pad. She’s the reason I am here right now. My first successful project led to almost a decade of 4-H and FFA memberships and projects. Those led to college educations, collegiate memberships, travel, experience, jobs, friendships, outreach, and advocacy. Sally was turning point in my life – it was the point where I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt agriculture would always be a major part of who I am.

What makes this story so much sweeter is my Grandfather, Fletcher, bought Sally. A little background on my Grandfather, he was not one to go the fair, register to be a buyer, and buy one of his grandkid’s 4-H project. He was not warm, fuzzy or involved with the day to day lives of his many grandchildren, except for me. It was huge he bought my first 4-H project, a fact that was not lost on a ten year old me. Year’s later, after Grandfather had passed away, and we were cleaning out his personal effects, we found the thank you note and buyer’s award. He had saved them. And Sally was the first and only 4-H project he’d ever purchased.

My Mom saved the check stub from my first 4-H pig

I’ve always liked to think he took an interest in me because he knew I would be the one grandchild most likely to continue the family’s cattle ranching legacy. The fact that my Grandfather was so eager to support my agricultural passion, makes me want to support others.



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11 Responses to Sally Pig

  1. Sharon Brown

    Such a wonderful and memorable post Meg. Your Grandfather would be very impressed with you!

  2. Todd Eggerling

    I could go on and on about my farm grandparents, I was lucky to have them. 4-H and FFA gave me the drive in my life and started many friendships that are still strong today. Glad you have memories of the same and felt strong enough about them to make a lasting impact for others. We left a little donation (hope it went to the right place) for your scholarship last week. I believe a friend of mine went to school there 25 years ago. He continued his family farm and feedlot back here in Nebraska.

    • Thank you Todd!!! I did not get notified that you donated 🙁
      I’m going to call tomorrow.
      FFA and 4-H where so positive for so many people! I wish I had more time so I could be a leader again, someday!!! Thank you for all your support over the year Todd, I’ve very much enjoyed getting to know you.

  3. Erin Hess

    That is such a wonderful story Megan! Our family supports us in the most surprising and beautiful ways!

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