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 Did you know that 50% of the seafood consumed in the world is farmed?  And as the world’s population increases, aquaculture production is expected to grow to satisfy the demand? Blame it on the Cattle Ranch, but aquaculture is not something I know much about. When a friend of mine contacted me about guesting a post about aquaculture I gladly jumped at the chance! I love to share about all types agriculture! Hopefully I’ll get a personal tour within the next couple of months, but for now check out this guest post. Mr. Vaught even included a coupon just the The Beef Jar readers! Someday, when I retire to the Ranch I’m going to build a pond and it is going to be badass.

The rains have finally arrived in Central and Northern California.  Vineyards, cattlemen, row crops, and hay operations are breathing a sigh of relief.  Without our wet winters, water storage, and delivery systems, California would not be the top performing agricultural state that it is.  One member of our diverse farm community that is heavily dependent of the much-appreciated, recent rain is Professional Aquaculture Services (PAS). They are ecstatic that ponds and lakes are filling as we speak.  In addition to production aquaculture (fish farming), pond and lake stocking  has been keeping owner Tony Vaught busy for over 30 years. 

 But that’s not all that keeps these guys busy.  Professional Aquaculture Services also guides and directs fish farmers throughout the world and is venturing into the exciting area of aquaponics, a fast-growing food production industry that combines aquaculture with plant cultivation.

Many involved in conventional agriculture are diversifying into aquaculture.  Visit PAS on the web for a tour of what it’s all about.  They are growing fish, then irrigating with nutrient rich water for the greenest and healthiest crops in the neighborhood. 

 So give thanks for the rain and snow; pray that it continues so that it may fill our lakes ponds and reservoirs, the life blood of California agriculture!


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  1. Great post, Meg! The province of Manitoba is also trying to develop an aquaculture industry. I wrote a blog post about a farm visit I had last summer. Check it out here:

  2. I love the idea of aquacultures and rejuvenating awareness of the farm stock pond necessity in our ecosystem. Ponds and small water reservoirs are key to our community agriculture’s survival.
    However, I’m not quite on board yet with the whole hydroponic thing just yet. There’s something about growing plants without soil that just isn’t normal in my book.

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