“Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ears”

… and your knowledge, experience and points of view! As part of my “ag-vocating” efforts I like to make agricultural information available to my friends, family and consumers. I feel like providing that information and letting people learn on their own, is far more effective than talking at someone. You know the whole “give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime” thing.

Farmers and Ranchers, I need your help! I need you! What I would like to do here is have a master-list, if you will. A list of Farmers and Ranchers in production ag that our non-aggie friends can have access to so they can ask us questions. Yes, yes, I know agchat and several other bloggers have already done this – but in my humble little opinion we can never have too many good ag sources.

If you have ties to agriculture – whether it be production ag, an ag salesperson, a truck driver, a chef, a butcher – whatever! Please leave a comment below with your name, a little about you and your area of expertise and a way we can contact you – an e-mail address, twitter handle, Skype, facebook, blog or website. When I have a nice list I’m going to organize them and post it as a blog for your average person to use – let’s connect our farmers and ranchers and some consumers!

This is an example of what I am looking for:

Meg Brown – An 6th generation commercial cattle rancher. Ask me about the cattle industry! Lurk me on twitter – MegRaeB, e-mail – MegRBrown@gmail.com or my blog thebeefjar.com.

Thank you in advance everyone!


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  1. Hi Megan!

    I am a grain and beef farmer from Ohio and can be found on twitter at @farmerhaley and blog ay Haley-farms.com

    I also maintain a database of farmers from which I am building a website to help share information from farmers. It can be found at http://farmerbloggers.com/followfarmer/index.html

  2. William Davie

    i like this idea.

    William Davie – 3rd generation cattle, sheep rancher and logger!
    im on twitter – bigwillyphd and on facebook.
    email – bigwillyphd@hotmail.com

  3. Andy Vance – Agricultural writer, broadcaster and policy analyst. Ask me about anything related to agricultural policy, markets, news or lifestyle! Follow me on twitter – @AndyVance, e-mail – andy at andyvance.com – or my blog andyvance.com.

  4. Hal Kreher

    I am a 3rd generation poultry (egg) farmer from Buffalo, NY. I have experience with egg production, organic egg and crop production, and composting.

  5. Jesse Bussard – 3rd generation farmer and Pennsylvania cowgirl that grew up on a small beef cow-calf farm. Family has a long history in the farming, logging, and coal mining industries of central PA. Have a B.S. in Animal Science from Penn State University and am currently working on my graduate degrees in Crop Science at University of Kentucky studying forage crops & livestock grazing systems. Contact me with questions about crops, forages, cattle, horses, and anything else ag-related. If I don’t know the answer I probably know somebody that does!

    Find me on Facebook (Jesse R. Bussard), Twitter (@cowgirljesse), Skype (cowgirl.jesse), or email (jrb5218@gmail.com). I’d love to help anyway I can!

  6. Mark Rohrich… the one and only sunflowerfarmer on twitter.
    3rd generation crop farmer in SC North Dakota. Also work as a Agronomist/CCA. Crops include Wheat, Corn, Soybeans and of course Sunflowers. mtrohrich@hotmail.com Facebook at Mark Rohrich or Rohrich Farms.

  7. Carrie Mess- All things Dairy Cows. On Twitter, @DairyCarrie and my blog http://www.dairycarrie.com

  8. Sarah

    Sarah Colby – 8th generation on a dairy & crop farm in NYS, farming the same acreage continuously for over 200 years. Ask me about dairy farming, crop & veggies, and goats (especially as to how those things are done in NYS/the northeast – sometimes but not always the same as done down South or in MidWest or California). twitter @caprioxbovidae, sfcolby@gmail.com

  9. Ryan Goodman – 3rd generation cattleman originally from Arkansas. I have worked in many stages of cattle production, from birth to harvest, family ranches to large feedlot operations, from Arkansas to Wyoming. I obtained my B.S. from Oklahoma State in Livestock Production and am currently working on my M.S. at Tennessee studying Cattle Reproduction. I blog (agricultureproud.com) daily about my passion in the cattle community, but you can also find my musings on ranch life (or lack thereof) on Twitter (@AR_ranchhand), Facebook (facebook,com/ARranchhand), or by email (agricultureproud@hotmail.com).

  10. Brian here. 4th generation corn, soybean, popcorn, and wheat farmer in Northwest Indiana. Farming with my father and grandfather. I blog about our farm and other ag issues at http://thefarmerslife.wordpress.com

    You can find me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/thefarmerslife

    @therfarmerslife http://www.twitter.com/thefarmerslife

    YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/thefarmerslife03?feature=mhee

    Google+ https://plus.google.com/110964035974873620821

    Thanks, Meg!

  11. Kelly M. Rivard. Communications student, avid agriculture advocate. My family has been out of farming for about a decade but I still have the ag love.

    I’m a jack of all trades, master of none in ag. My strongest points are corn, rabbits, and specialty crops.

    I tend to be a good connector; if I can’t answer your question, I will find someone who can. I’m on Twitter at @KMRivard and blog at http://kellymrivard.com – I can also be found at http://www.facebook.com/kellymrivard

  12. zweberfarms

    Emily from Zweber Farms here. We are a fourth generation organic dairy farm in Minnesota. We also raise beef, pork, poultry and eggs to sell directly to consumers. You can find us at:
    http://www.twitter.com/zweberfarms (Tweets by Tim)

    Thanks for the link up Meg!

  13. Darin Grimm, I’d say biotech seed is probably my strongest area of focus.

    On Twitter as @kansfarmer Facebook https://www.facebook.com/darinrgrimm
    personal (not really agvocacy-focused) blog at daringrimm.wordpress.com
    Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/114424895206545129956

  14. Rosie Templeton, 3rd generation Hereford cattle rancher. My family raises purebred cows and their calves, and sell our bulls as yearlings to other breeders. Currently studying for my degree in Agriculture Business. Heavily involved in youth organizations such as 4-H and junior breed associations. Find me on twitter @rotempleton (https://twitter.com/#!/rotempleton) or my blog, Absolutely Agriculture (http://absolutelyagriculture.blogspot.com).

    Great idea, Meg!

  15. Marie Bowers, 5th generation grass seed farmer in Oregon’s Willamette Valley farming the same land my great-great grandpa started farming over a century ago. I blog, tweet & facebook about day to day farm job & life activities and also on ag and natural resources issues facing oregon/nation farmers, ranchers and foresters.

    Twitter: @MarieB41
    Blog: http://oregongreen.wordpress.com
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OreGreen

  16. Amy Radunz, University of Wisconsin Beef Cattle Extension Specialist. Manage the Wisconsin Beef Information Center which strives to provide science-based information and education to beef producers and industry stakeholders. Follow me on Twitter: @wisbeef or @aeradunz Facebook: Wisconsin Beef Information Center or our blog: fyi.uwex.edu/wbic.
    This is a great idea.

  17. Aaron Bobeck. Sell and support John Deere Precision Ag products and sell Ag Equipment for a dealer in Northern Indiana. Full bio and contact info http://agsnap.com/about-aaron-bobeck/ …. Just getting started blogging about technology and agriculture at AgSnap.com. Also on Twitter: @aaronbobeck.

  18. Sam Vance – FFA State Farmer Degree in livestock production(Berkshire hogs). Bachelor’s of Science in Food Business Management from The Ohio State University. My area’s of expertise are in food science/safety/processing/industry. My approach is practical and fact based. I’m @samvance on Twitter and my blog is http://edibleintelligence.blogspot.com/ p.s. at Ohio State the difference between a food science degree and food business management is that I took accounting instead of organic chemistry… that’s it.

  19. Jim Latoski

    Hi Meg,

    Jim Latoski. Livestock Judging Coach and Animal Science Instructor at Colby Community College in Colby, KS. Grew up on a diversified farm and ranch in Eastern Colorado, where my family has commercial Red Angus Cows, a handful of sheep along with dry land wheat and millet. You can find me on Twitter: @judgingcoach Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jimlatoski or reach me by email at: jim.latoski@colbycc.edu


    Jim Latoski

  20. Hi Meg – John Coupland, Professor of Food Science at Penn State. I teach classes in food chemistry and have a research program looking at fats and oils. I’m interested in agriculture from farm gate to fork. I blog at http://johncoupland.tumblr.com/ and tweet as @johnncoupland

  21. Doreen Barker, small dairy farm and poultry operation (10 cows and a bunch of turkeys and chickens) in the process of expanding our operation as a model example for local food production and sustainability.
    I write a blog over at http://barrowsfarm.wordpress.com/ and I cover things that go on around here. From the farm, the food we eat to the things crafts I do as well.
    I take lots of photographs to document our animals and our environment. I have a passion for Jersey and Dexter cattle and heritage breed turkeys. I would love it if you could include our little postings and would be more than happy to help out with any questions that may arise.

  22. Travis Arp-Ph.D. student in Meat Science at Colorado State University. My family owns and operates a purebred Gelbvieh and commercial cattle operation in north-central Missouri. We market purebred heifers and bulls around the country, and my sister, brother, and I grew up showing livestock from the county to national level. My parents live on the University of Wisconsin beef research farm which my father manages. I still own a small group of purebred cows which my dad and grandpa manage.

    I have a blog, ‘Meat Matters’ (www.travisarp.wordpress.com) that covers subjects in the meat and livestock industry. Also, check me out on twitter (@travarp) for more. Thanks!!

  23. Alexander M. Cilensek

    Hi Megan! Alexander Cilensek~ Professional chef 30+ years, teacher, and mentor. Ask me anything about food, I absolutely love sharing my knowledge with others. I can be contacted@(alexander_cilensek@yahoo.com). Thank you!

  24. Anastasia here – PhD in genetics with a minor in sustainable ag, background in integrated pest management. I didn’t grow up in farming, but did a decent amount of field work in grad school and did pest control in the military 🙂
    I work in science policy / science communication. Please send anyone who wants to chat about biotechnology (GMOs), pesticides, or integration of organic and conventional methods my way!
    I blog at http://biofortified.org, but you can find my bio and contact info at http://geneticmaize.com

  25. Third generation rancher in Washington state. Current President of the Washington Cattlemens Association and agvocate. I also blog about issues and the things that cross my mind in my day to day ranch life.

  26. Trent Bown 5th Generation Dairy Farmer in Central Utah. Milk 1200 holsteins, Farm 1000+ acres. Trying to bring Utah Farmers into the Social Media World!
    @bowndairyman on twitter
    Trent Bown on Facebook

  27. Ryan Bright–Dairy Farmer in TN. 5 generations and counting!
    I blog at http://siloskies.blogspot.com/ and http://udderside.blogspot.com/
    I’m also on Twitter @Farmerbright

  28. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sweeting-Ranch/217419721607372
    Solomon Sweeting here first generation Grass based and Organic minded rancher/farmer living in the beautiful Sierra Valley,North Eastern California Plumas and Sierra counties with my wife and daughters.Learning the ropes of the life i love! Agriculture! Even though i don’t agree with some of the production practices happening,don’t hold that against me, i like people in all facets of Ag,and am facinated somewhat by Mid west and large Ag,but am a agvocate of small and medium size producers.

  29. Todd Eggerling

    Todd Eggerling, farmer/rancher in southeast Nebraska. My wife Kristen and I continue our 4th & 5th generation family farms with our two children. Our farm includes cow/calf along with row crops. I am trying to start a blog toddofalltrades@wordpress.com, and you can follow me on twitter @teggerling. You can also google our farm, Bluestem Valley Farms to find out more about us.

  30. Jennifer Dewey, 3rd generation meat processor in Northern California. Chico Locker & Sausage Co. Inc. is a unique meat buying experience unlike any other. Family owned and operated for over 45 years, we believe in not only creating quality products for our customers, but also providing our customers with education,
    Blog: http://chicolockersausage.com
    E-mail: dancincow16@hotmail.com
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chico-Locker-Sausage-Co-Inc/
    Twitter: @jenlynndewey

  31. Brooke Behlen

    Hi Megan, love this idea!

    Brooke Behlen- manage a sales territory for a pharmaceutical company within the animal health industry, main focus is livestock. I also help manage the family commercial cow/calf operation. Specialty: cows and medicine/vaccine for cows both beef and dairy. I can be reached on twitter @BrookeElizabethB or by email brookebehlen@gmail.com


  32. Lori Deyoe 5th generation farm girl married to a 5th generation cattle guy. You can find me at @lorideyoe on twitter, Grain Girl on facebook and at http://www.ksgraingirl.blogspot.com!

    Great Idea!

  33. Natalie Stoppani- Lifelong horse breeder, trainer, rider. Specializing in Hunter/Jumpers and Paint horses, but jack of all trades. Also have, a BS in Agricultural Communications with a focus in Animal Science. Also raised lamb and rabbits for 4H.
    Twitter: aggirl86
    Blog: http://www.aggirl.com
    email: Natalie.Stoppani@gmail.com

  34. Hey Megan!

    Sarah Hubbart – Communications Director for Animal Agriculture Alliance, a national non-profit that speaks as a united voice for all animal agriculture stakeholders on hot button issues such as animal care, activists, biotechnology, and environmental stewardship. I grew up in Northern California farm country, now based in D.C. Proud Chico State alum! 🙂 Find me on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/animalag), Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/animalagalliance) email (shubbart@animalagalliance.org), or online http://www.animalagalliance.org.


  35. Joey Niebrugge

    4th generation farmer/rancher–commercial cow operation. I also work in the ag industry promoting western entertainment events. Contact me via twitter @JoeyNiebrugge

  36. LJ

    Great idea. sailerlj@gmail.com
    I’ll talk about corn, beans and hog. Or anything Ag.

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  38. I really like what you guys are up too. Such clever work
    and reporting! Keep up the great works guys I’ve included you guys to blogroll.

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