Ag Bullies

The following is a press release from the North America Animal Liberation Front – or ALF.

For Immediate Release
January 9, 2012

Received anonymously:

at about 3:40 am on sunday, january 8th, 14 cattle trucks caught fire at the harris feeding company in coalinga, ca. containers of accelerant were placed beneath a row of 14 trucks with 4 digital timers used to light 4 of the containers and kerosene-soaked rope carrying the fire to the other 10 (a tactic adapted from Home Alone 2 ). we weren’t sure how well this was going to work, so we waited until there was news reports before writing this. we were extremely pleased to see that all 14 trucks “were a total loss” with some being “completely melted to the ground.”

we’re not going to use this space to expound upon the horrors and injustices of factory farming. there is more than enough armchair-activists and those of passive politics who are more than willing to do that (anything to keep from getting their hands dirty). we, the unsilent minority (the 1%, if you will), choose a more direct form of action.

we’re not delusional enough to believe that this action will shut down the harris feeding company, let alone have any effect on factory farming as a whole. but we maintain that this type of action still has worth, if not solely for the participant’s peace of mind, then to show that despite guards, a constant worker presence, and razorwire fence, the enemy is still vulnerable.

finally, to all those who fantasize and romanticize about direct action yet remain on the fence: there is a lot of stuff that needs to be destroyed and we can’t count on spontaneous combustion and careless welders to do all the work.

until next time…

I don’t have words to express how this infuriates and terrifies me. This is real to me. This hits home. I’ve met these truck drivers before, we’ve shared doughnuts and hot coffee on freezing mornings. I’ve trusted these drivers with our cattle. I’ve been in these trucks. 

Harris Ranch has purchased our cattle before, several times. Harris Ranch allowed me to tour their feed lot and slaughter house. It was immaculate and well run. My animals were happy and healthy. Their handling methods were low stress; they were open and honest and answered all of my questions about their operation. I was amazed to learn that Harris Ranch uses the waste made by the plant to fertilize local fruits and vegetables, a wonderfully efficient and sustainable thing to do. 

The Animal Liberation Front are terrorists. They act without knowledge of the people and animals they hurt. They are unwilling to learn about this industry. Violence does not give them credibility, it makes them dangerous, ignorant bullies. All I can think this morning is my Ranch and Home next?


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  1. What really sickens me about this is their statement “we weren’t sure if this was going to work”. What would have happened if it didn’t work? Would someone have started driving a truck full of cows down a highway only to have it burst into flames on it’s journey? How many people could have been killed as a result of that? It scares me to think that these people could burst into a medical research lab, set the animals free…… only for us to hear later that animals infected with Ebola have been let loose.

    These people are a terrorist organization (as classified by the Department of Homeland security). They will end up killing innocent people in the name of their “cause”. It’s just a matter of time.

    I don’t want to see animals tortured or abused any more than the next person. However, the way to stop this is not to carry out direct illegal attacks, it’s to educate people, to show them what’s happening and let people make up their own minds. If people insist their products are not tested on animals, if they insist their food doesn’t contain animal products, then the demand for such things goes away. The industry changes it’s practices to support it’s consumer base. However, if you don’t educate the people, if you don’t change how they think, then the demand will always be there! Simply put, the ALF hasn’t changed a thing by their actions. However the next time they try to carry out such an act, maybe the recipient will have a loaded shotgun waiting to greet them. Who wins then? Not the ALF and not the person rightfully defending their property.

    They complain about Armchair activists, however, their acts of destruction and violence are not any better. It takes a very lazy, selfish and foolish person to think that resorting to violence is the only way to change things. It takes hard work, patience, and determination to work within the system, to change the system. The ALF have chosen the easiest and simplest way to do things. They even admit, their actions will achieve nothing. If they ALF want support and respect from people, shouldn’t they be carrying out actions with meaning and purpose?

    At the end of the day, the people who I will respect and support, are those who are open and honest about what they do, who educate people about what they do, and realize that people need to make up their own minds, make their own choices about what goes on in the world. I will never respect anyone who uses violence as an answer to force others into accepting their views.


    • Ian, thank you for this comment. I agree completely! This is such a hard topic for me to talk about as I tend to get over-emotional and just end up cussing! I’m so glad there are people out in the world like you! You give me hope!

  2. Meg,
    I agree with everything you and Ian have said. I had the great fortune of meeting Mr. Harris and touring their feed lot in Feb. 2011, and I too found that it was well run, with a large focus on the animals and their well being. I was very impressed with how they identified and cared for sick or injured animals.

    It continues to dumbfound me the length that some of these supposed animal rights groups will go to in support of their cause. It seems to me this incident could have put human life at risk, as well as the animals that they supposedly care about. These types od groups/people make me sick. There are much better ways of expressing a viewpoint than risking human and animal life.


  3. Tragic and criminal. Terrorism at its finest. An uneducated poorly informed platform with folks ready to destroy for it. Makes me ill thinking about the lengths to which this goes. Makes me horrified of where their so-called “line in the sand” might be. So sorry this struck so close to home. Pray it never ever comes closer.

  4. I read this the other day and am still getting chills. I remember when one of the allied groups claimed responsibility for burning a building on a friend’s farm. Disagree loudly is fine but terrorism is terrorism. I wish the law enforcement organizations could get proof & deal with these folks thoroughly.

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