Giveaway: Tools of the Trade

Its giveaway time again! This time I figured I would make it more beef themed since this is a blog about a cattle ranch!

I am a strong advocate for food safety. I think little things make a huge difference, like using a thermometer to ensure your food is cooked properly and using different cutting boards for meat and vegetables. Little things like that make me feel a lot better about the safety of my food and it’s really easy to do.


This giveaway is for a handy dandy food thermometer and a cute beef half apron. You’ll be all set for all you beef cooking needs!


You know the drill, just leave a comment below and next Thursday, January 12, 2012, I will use to select my winner. Good luck and thanks for playing!


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15 Responses to Giveaway: Tools of the Trade

  1. Jenney

    This would be extremely beneficial to Noah and I. Our thermometer is dying a slow, painful death.

  2. I’m confused….Is it Jan 8 or next Thursday? (since that’s the 12th! haha)

  3. Jesse

    I agree! Food safety is very important and it is everyone’s responsibility, not only producers.

  4. Viki

    too, cool! What ever date next Thursday is…

  5. Kari Melen

    I <3 Beef! You guys are terrific for giving away stuff 'just because'.

  6. William Davie

    oh that would be handy in my kitchen!

  7. I had to use my Mom’s meat probe to assess the temperature of the water to add to yeast to make bagels last week. She has a meat probe but no liquid thermometer, I have a liquid thermometer but no probe. So it would be handy dandy to have one. Given that it’s random though, I guess I could just have posted ‘You’re awesome’ (which you are).

  8. That apron is adorable. I’d have to sew an upper half on it though. No matter how hard I try, I can’t keep clean when I’m working in the kitchen.

  9. Suzanne H

    Thanks for the giveaway, I’ve been needing a food thermometer.

  10. My son is learning to cook on the grill and learning how to figure out if the meat is done or not, but by having a food thermometer to give the inside temp of the food would be a nice way for him to really know if it is done.
    ccrlund at

  11. This would be great incentive for Farmer D to head outside and grill us up some home-raised beef!

  12. jenny

    I could so use these both. I can’t find our thermometer…and I just love that apron.

  13. The battery in my current thermometer is almost dead. Could really use a new one 🙂

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