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As you all know by now this is a commercial cattle ranch. Our Ranch is mainly range ground where cattle roam in large fields. We are in an area of California that has a lot of different types of agriculture: almonds, rice, hay, walnuts, plums, nursery products, etc. This means we have a lot bees and when those bees aren’t working in those crops, they need a place to live. Enter, us! During the off-season the bees come live out here on the Ranch. We have a lovely crop of star-thistles, various grasses, and sometimes, clover. The bees love it out here and we love having them (except when I get stung in the throat and almost DIE, but that is for another post).
Since I’m crafty and I like to make stuff, occasionally I need beeswax. This was the case when I was making those body bars a while back. I called Kevin O’Laughin, from Shamrock Farms (our bee guy), to get some wax and ask him some questions about the honey industry. We played phone tag for a couple of weeks, but never connected. I ended up walking down the street at work, and buying some wax at the “organic” store. I made my body bars and forgot about the whole thing. Apparently Kevin did not. And he and his family did the nicest thing for me.


I’m so lucky to live in an ag community where people are so nice. This was such a thoughtful gesture and I’m totally stoked! I love Big Dipper Wax Works! I have one of their candles that I’ve been refusing to burn because it smells so good! You notice that jar in the right corner? Honey butter. Homemade honey butter from a beekeeper. Yeah, it’s breathtaking.¬†And I just ran out of my Savannah Bee Jelly at work! This couldn’t be more perfect! If you see honey from Shamrock Farms buy it!!!! It’s really good and depending on the kind you could be getting honey from our Ranch! They don’t have a website but his phone number is (530) 342-3000. Hit him up if you are looking for some quality honey.


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  1. Gary Smith

    If it is your honey,will it say Shamrock Honey Farm?

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