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  1. aggirl

    Great minds think alike

  2. Good morning Megan, I have been reading your posts whenever I can..I so enjoy them..I see a resemblance in the old photos…a determination and strength. So much of what we do and who we are and become, is genetic..I realized this when we went back east to visit my fathers’ side of the family- it was as if we all spoke the same language, laughed at the same things and mannerism were mind boggling. Recently I have had some heated, yet interesting discussions about the opening of the Horse slaughter facilities. Those of us from the “real” world have a totally different view of the world. Not that I myself want any animal to suffer- but we do not live in Disney World. Talk with you soon. Heather

  3. Oh and another one is the Wolf impact on our lives and what to do about them…if and when they get here…

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