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I promise this is the last post for a couple of days. I’m really excited to uncover my past and social media makes it so easy to share my excitement with the rest of you. Of course learning about my family probably isn’t as exciting to you as it is to me, so I’ll cap my enthusiasm for a few days before I post again. My research has led me to the Meriam Library at Chico State. Turns out, they have quite a collection of Lucas family photos. I knew at one point Jack Lucas started Chico Meat Company, I knew it was located downtown, but I really wanted to see and know more. Thanks to the the Special Collections Dept. at Chico State I was able to find this picture and an address of the former meat shop. Guess what I’m going to look for on my lunch break today?

From John Nopel

I called the Special Collections Department and I’m going to take some of my old photos to share with them. I’ve always been interested in my family’s past, but never really started exploring it seriously until now. It’s just so amazing and interesting.

From Frank Farmer

I know Jack Lucas started two meat shops – Lucas & Morrison Meat Market at 229 Orient Street Chico, California and Chico Meat Market at 302 Broadway, at southwest corner of Third Street and Broadway. I love that I work downtown, and walk by these buildings every day. It’s a wonderful thing, to be connected to your community.


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