Giveway: Meg Made Scarf

I love fall. Hoodies, scarves and boots are wardrobe staples in my world. In fact, I had my Grandma teach me how to crochet in high school because I loved scarves so much, but was too cheap/poor to buy them. It’s actually been one of those skills that have come in pretty handy. I found crocheting is a very soothing hobby, and since half the time I’m wound tighter than a two dollar watch, I became a very prolific scarf maker.


In college, I would start crocheting around the beginning of finals. By the time finals were over I’d usually have about 20 scarves made. I would then sell them at holiday craft shows, where my Mom sold her soap. It was a quick way to make some beer money for vacation!

My jobs have been pretty stressful lately, so I picked up the crocheting hook again. Since it is fall, I think a Meg made scarf would be the perfect giveaway!


You know the drill. Leave me a comment and next Friday I will use to pick a winner!

Good luck!



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8 Responses to Giveway: Meg Made Scarf

  1. mistyfuji

    I think this scarf is lovely & I only wish I knew how to crochet. I can see myself wearing it all fall & winter long. Thanks for hosting.

  2. Janice

    what a very useful hobby! I love scarves too 🙂

  3. This is so cute. I would love to rock it!

  4. Beautiful scarf, Meg! I wish I could crochet. That would come in handy during our cold Canadian Prairie winters!

  5. Beautiful scarf! My sister started trying to knit things like that, but I think her ADD kicked in before she was ever able to actually finish one.

  6. What beautiful fall colors!

    I used to make afghans to take to the rescue mission each December, but haven’t crocheted in forever. Guess I need to get working!

  7. Oh man, there was a giveaway and I missed it (or nearly missed it). Man, I want a scarf! I could be a super hero then, I could be “Scarf Man” (who avoids revolving doors, plan props and heavy duty machinery). Oh man, that reminds me, I totally forgot to share my “Irish Adventure” story…. ! I fought crime while in Ireland and saved the day! This is dragging on a bit, I had better stop drinking that coffee… maybe I could be ADD man…..

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