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I received something in the mail this weekend that made me feel a lot better about life. This was huge to me and it means so, so much to this girl. I got an official letter from the executive offices of the Farm Bureau giving me a free one year membership. It was a breath of fresh air after my Summer of Ag Drama.

Most of my followers remember the drama with my blog this past July. To be honest, it hurt my feelings. It felt like the staff in the executive offices in Sacramento (NOT the executive Farm Bureau staff) had it in for me. I still don’t understand why I got singled out for being open and honest about my ranch. I’m sure if they had a multi-generational cattle ranch in their families they would want to share it too.

I dedicate a large amount of my time blogging, writing letters to editors, and sharing my ranch so the 98% of our population not directly involved with production ag can see how the other 2% live, if they so choose. I don’t get paid to share, I figure it is in my best interest to answer any questions the public has; after all it is my way of life we are talking about.

Often I get frustrated or hurt feelings because of my “agvocating” efforts. Because ag is more than a job to me, people often don’t understand how personally I take it. I think that is part of the reason my blog drama this past summer hurt me so deeply – it was an internal attack from people I thought should understand what it is like to carry on a legacy. On that same note, that is why this letter and gesture means so much to me. It is an incredible feeling to get some recognition and I am excited and honored to be a part of this group. Thank you Farm Bureau, more specifically Mr. Jamie Johansson and the Butte County Farm Bureau.


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  1. Right on Megan! And rightfully deserved! Keep up the agvocating your story and hopefully you can attend the Agchat Foundation Conference next year.

  2. Welcome to the family Meg! But I think a little clarification is in order. We are happy to extend a one year membership to you. However let’s remember it was NOT Farm Bureau’s Executive Offices that were your problem back in July. It was another ag organization, whom I will leave nameless, that’s Executive Offices had issue with your blog. Just thought it was worth mentioning. Thanks Meg!

    • Sorry Colleen, I didn’t mean to make it sound like the Farm Bureau had ANYTHING to do with the drama back in July. It was only the Executive Beef Organizations – I too was attempting to leave them nameless. I’ll fix it in my blog as well. The Farm Bureau was nothing but supportive and wonderful! Thanks and sorry!

  3. As a proud member of the Illinois and Kankakee County Farm Bureaus…welcome to the family!

  4. This is awesome Meg! I’ll bet you can really help change some of the stereotypes of Farm Bureau as an organization!

  5. Farm Bureau is a great organization. Glad they tried to right a wrong that they weren’t even a part of. Meg, you do such a great job of sharing your life on your blog and Twitter. I for one, appreciate the time and work you put in to educate us.

  6. Jamie is a great guy too…. you should give him a shout if your in his neck of the woods. Tell him I said hello too. 🙂

  7. You are incredible !! Keep up the good work you do …..

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