The Parade!

One of the many highlights of growing up in a small town is The Parade. In my case it was the 4th of July Parade in Taylorsville, California. I was in The Parade every year, with an elaborate costume and an old ranch horse. I think that year’s theme was Best Dressed Cowgirl. My Mom dedicated hours and hours to making my costumes, I still have the blue ribbons to prove it!

This particular year was a great one, I had a broken arm (NEVER buy your kid a pony, they are mean little shits). I had to get a new cast for The Parade because I let the ranch dogs chew my first cast off (it was itchy!). I remember being annoyed that I had to use a saddle too (notice my feet are not in the stirrups?). I had gone the whole summer not using a saddle because I had only one arm. It was just too hard for four year old, one armed Megan to saddle a horse, so I just went bareback.

I have such wonderful memories of my childhood. It was filled with horses, fishing, and having so much fun. I wish all children had it so good.

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  1. An awesome memory to share with your fellow bloggers. Great picture too.

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