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This is a very well done and accurate account of the commercial beef industry. It really upsets me when people attack feedlot beef. Our commercial herd is sold to feedlots, just like this one. I’ve been lucky enough to follow our cattle from birth, to feedlot to slaughter, and they were treated with dignity and care the whole time. Hell, they had better nutrition and medical care than I do! Again if you want to know more about the commercial beef process, let me know! I will share everything I know with you, I’ll invite you over, I will SHOW you.


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  1. Interesting. It is refreshing to see a different point of view here. What are your thoughts regarding the ongoing problems associated with the factory farming industry? have toy seen the film Food,Inc or read Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer?

    • It is a refreshing view point! And a much needed one! It seems to me, people like Mr. Foer and Mr. Kenner, cherry pick what “facts” they want to share about my industry. They don’t give you the complete story, they show you what they think happens or what they want you to see. Maybe that is because they don’t have a complete understanding about what I do. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think my industry is perfect, I know we can improve, and I think we have been. But it’s quite hard for me, a cattle producer, to take them seriously. My “factory farm” is my life, ranching is as much as my life as breathing. Five generations of my family have lived, worked and died so I can be doing this right now.
      From my personal experience of being on feedlots and ranches, this video is the norm. But I also understand how if you didn’t come from production ag, or have experience in it, you could see it differently from how I do. That is why I have become so vocal about what I do, having people like Mr. Foer and Mr. Kenner tell my story, isn’t working out for me.
      Do you have a specific question about something? Is there something you would like to see or learn more about?

  2. Have you seen the film Food, Inc. Gosh my spelling is atrocious!

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